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Richard Burgi official headshot, November 2007 Richard Burgi

Biographical Basics:

Date of Birth: 30 July 1958
Place of Birth: Montclair, New Jersey, USA
Current Residence: Southern California, USA
- Liliana Lopez (19 Nov 2011 - present)
- Lori Kahn (25 Nov 1995 - May 2011) (divorced) two children
Current Project(s): See listing below

A more extensive Biography is available on the Biography Page

Talent Agency:
Innovative Artists
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 656-0400

Contact: David Rose

(Photo courtesy of Richard Burgi)

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Quick Finder: Current and/or latest projects in film and television


   "CSI: Miami" -- Richard recently completed an episode of the CBS crime procedural's current tenth season, playing a character of questionable repute by the name of Randall Stafford.  Richard's episode -- the season's 18th, entitled "Law & Disorder"--  will air Sunday, March 25th at 10:00pm EDT. 

   "One Tree Hill" -- Richard joins the long-running CW series One Tree Hill for its ninth season, playing Ted Davis, father of Sophia Bush's Brooke Davis.  The show filmed in Wilmington, NC, where Richard spent several weeks in early July working on his first batch of episodes. So far we have confirmed 9.01, 9.02, and 9.03 with his manager's office, with additional episodes later in the season. The show returned to the air on Wednesday, January 11th at 8:00pm ET.


     "How They Smiled" -- Richard joined the cast of the  Wendlwood/Dodge College of Film and Media Arts production in early September, playing the lead character Henry. The film went before the cameras in early October and is expected to premiere in December 2011. 


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Movies and Mini-series:

RB as Henry

How They Smiled (WendlWood/Dodge College of Film and Media Arts) - Movie (2011) (Post-production). Henry Jenkins.

Principal photography took place in early October 2011, filming in the greater Los Angeles area. Richard plays the male lead Henry, with Heather Snell playing Lizzy and Samantha McGuire playing Henry's daughter Jane. Erica Vogelvang also stars.

As described by the writers at the IndieGoGo website, "How They Smiled is the story of a successful New York author who prepares to move from his home and put a tragic accident behind him. But the allure of the past forces him to choose between a new beginning with an encouraging fan of his work and a desire to utilize his talent in a capacity that will change his world forever."

"The film is about a father's never ending grief and his struggle to let go of the ones he loved. It is supposed to remind us about how short life can be, while also showing uis that life must go on. On the other hand our goal is also to show how powerful words can be and how when misused, can go very wrong. We want our audience to realize that sometimes it is better to move on and look towards the future rather than being stuck in the memory of the past."

US premiere: December 2011 (estimated)

Official Facebook page:

Official page at IndieGoGo site:

IMDb listing:

RB as Desmond Moore

Committed (Screen Door for Lifetime Television) - TV Movie (2011) (Completed). Dr. Desmond Moore.

Principal photography began in late November and ran into the fourth week of December 2010 in Cambridge, Ontario and surrounding areas. Richard costars with Rescue Me's Andrea Roth, as well as Peter MacNeill, David Patrick Green, and Sebastian Pigott. Richard's Dr. Desmond Moore is considered the male lead and plays a prominent part in the storyline. The film itself is described as a "thriller."

US premiere: 17 April 2011

Official website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Charlie Young

Super Eruption (Marvista Entertainment and Unified Film Organization for SyFy) - TV Movie (2011) (Completed). Yellowstone park ranger and firefighter Charlie Young.

Principal photography ran from the week of May 9th through June 3rd in Sofia, Bulgaria and surrounding areas. Richard costars with Primeval's Juliet Aubrey. Playing a firefighter and vulcanologist respectively, the two must join forces in an effort to save lives.

US premiere: TBA - 2011

Official website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Officer Bracke

Friday The 13th (Crystal Lake Entertainment, Platinum Dunes, MTV Films, Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema) - Movie (2009) (completed) Officer Bracke

Principal photography ran April - May in Austin, TX and surrounding areas (Bastrop, La Grange). Richard appears with Jared Padalecki, Derek Mears, and Nana Visitor among others. The film is described as a reimagining of the early Friday The 13th franchise and incorporates aspects of the first four films.

Trivia: Officer Bracke is named for Peter Bracke, author of "Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th," a definitive look at the series of films.

US premiere: Friday, 13 February 2009.  Now available on DVD.

Official website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Bill Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage, AKA Thomas Kinkade's  Home for  Christmas (Birch Grove Films, Firm Films, String Media, Lionsgate Films) - Movie (2008) (completed) Bill Kinkade (William Thomas Kinkade II)

Principal photography ran April - May in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas (Fort Langley, Surrey, Whistler). Richard costars with Jared Padalecki, Marcia Gay Harden, Aaron Ashmore, and Peter O'Toole. The film is based on the early life of famous American painter Thomas Kinkade and focuses on the events that led him to a career in painting.

US premiere: Initially slated for 30 November 2007; pushed back to Holiday 2008 due to unforeseen post-production complications. Released direct-to-DVD on November 11th, 2008.

Official website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Todd Rogers

Hostel: Part II (Raw Nerve, Next Entertainment, International Production Company, Screen Gems Inc, Lionsgate Films) - Movie (2007) (completed) Todd Rogers

Principal photography ran from September - November in Prague, Czech Republic, and Italy. Richard costars with Roger Bart, Jay Hernandez, Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo, Bijou Phillips, and Vera Jordanova. The film is a sequel to the immensely popular "Hostel," and is likewise written and directed by Eli Roth, with Quentin Tarantino executive producing.

US premiere: 8 June 2007

Available on DVD in October 2007

Official website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Josiah Leavitt

In God's Country (Shaftesbury Films Inc., in association with Colossal Entertainment, Salient Point Productions, and CTV) - TV Movie (2007) (completed) Josiah Leavitt

Principal photography scheduled for June 12th - July 7th in Toronto, ON, Canada. Richard costars with Kelly Rowan (the OC). The film is directed by John L'Ecuyer, from a script by Esta Spalding, on a $4-5 million budget.

Canadian premiere: 9:00pm Tuesday, 23 January 2007, on CTV
US premiere: 9:00pm Monday, 11 June 2007, on Lifetime TV

Official websites:

IMDb listing:

RB in Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone

Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone AKA Wildfires (Cypress Point Productions in association with Jaffe/Braunstein Films Ltd.) - TV Movie (2006) (completed) Richard Danville (originally Richard Sellers)

Principal photography ran May 8th - June 5th in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Richard costars with Scott Foley. The film is directed by John Lafia, from a script by Mark Wheaton and John Fasano.

Premiere: 9:00pm ET, Monday, 04 September 2006, on A&E

Now available on DVD

Official website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Michael Johnson

Shanghai Red AKA Shanghai Mystery (MAR de ORO Films, Inc / Shanghai Film Studios) - Movie (2006) (completed) Michael Johnson

Based and filmed entirely in Shanghai, China, the film stars Vivian Wu and is written, directed, and produced by Oscar Luis Costo.

Now available on DVD in Region 1 (USA & Canada) some international markets

Official websites: and

IMDb listing:

RB as Joe in 'Fun with Dick and Jane'

Fun With Dick and Jane (Imagine Entertainment / Sony Pictures Entertainment) - Movie (2005)(completed) Joe Cleeman

This update of the 1977 original stars Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni

Premiere, USA: 21 December 2005; available on DVD

Official website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Jim Danvers

In Her Shoes (Fox 2000 / 20th Century Fox) - Movie (2005)(completed) Jim Danvers

Stars Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley MacLaine

Theatrical premiere: 07 October 2005; available on DVD

Official website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Dr. William 'Billy' Westin

Torn Apart (Wallet Size Pictures / Lifetime Television) - TV Movie (2004) Dr. William "Billy" Westin

Premiere: Monday, 27 September 2004 at 9:00pm on Lifetime TV; available on DVD in some international markets

IMDb listing:

RB in Cellular

Cellular (New Line Cinema) - Movie (2004) Craig Martin

Theatrical premiere: 10 September  2004; available on DVD

IMDb listing:

Official website:

RB as Shaw

Darklight (Sci Fi Channel/UFO Films) - TV movie (2004)William Shaw

Television premiere: Saturday, 18 September 2004 at 9:00pm on The Sci Fi Channel. Now available on DVD

IMDb listing:

Official website:

Trivia: Richard and costar John de Lancie are both alumni of the popular NBC Daytime series, Days of Our Lives

(Thanks to Jeff for the Darklight photos)

RB as Captain Dax, Hero of the Federation of STARSHIP TROOPERS 2

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation - Movie (2004) Captain V.J. Dax, Hero of the Federation

Premiered April 2004 (Cable); available on DVD

IMDb listing:

Visit to learn more about the film and Richard's leading role.

Trivia: Costar Colleen Porch (Lei Sahara) also appeared in "High and Low," the Fall 2002 episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in which Richard played Rick Weston.

(Photo courtesy of Tippett Studios and Starship Troopers Copyright © 2003 StarTroop Pictures Inc. Photo by Paul M. Sammon)

RB as Detective Francis Kirk

Decoys - Movie (2004) Detective Francis Kirk

Premiered February 2004; available on DVD

IMDb listing:

Visit to learn more about the film and Richard's role.

Trivia: Costar Stefanie von Pfetten (Lilly) appeared as Molly in "The Waiting Room," the "ghost story" episode of The Sentinel (original airdate 01 Mar 99).

RB as Nick Torino

Wheelmen AKA The Limo Boys - Movie (2002) Nick Torino

Phase 4 Films has secured Domestic distribution rights for Wheelmen and has announced a Region 1 DVD release date of August 17th 2010. Wheelmen has aired on premium cable internationally and is available on DVD in several international markets.

Region 1 release, 17 August 2010; Region 2 release, June 2004

IMDb listing:

Visit to learn more about the film and Richard's leading role.

RB as Paul Donovan

Bailey's Mistake - Wonderful World of Disney feature(ABC/Touchstone) - TV movie - (2001) Paul Donovan

IMDb listing:

RB as Nick Farrell

I Married a Monster (UPN/Paramount) - TV movie (1998) Nick Farrell

IMDb listing:

RB as Jim Ellison

The Sentinel (UPN/Paramount) - TV Movie (1996) Lieutenant Detective James Ellison.

IMDb listing:

(Paramount/UPN combined the first two episodes  of the series -- "Switchman" and "Siege" -- to create a movie-length feature).

RB as Al Keegan

Payback - Movie (1994) Deputy Al Keegan

Was released on VHS in the 1990's; DVD release status unknown

IMDb listing:

RB as Major Hammer

Danielle Steele's Message from Nam - TV miniseries (1993) Major Hammer

Available on DVD

IMDb listing:

RB as Philip Branscombe

Chameleons - TV movie (1989) Philip Branscombe

IMDb listing:

Short and Promotional Films:

RB in Door-to-door Voiceovers

Door-to-door Voiceovers (Promo Alliance) - Short promotional film (2006) (completed) Handyman

Richard spent a rainy weekend in Vancouver, BC in May 2006, working with friends Brent Chapman, Don S. Davis, and Teryl Rothery on a light-hearted short film for Ian James Corlett's voiceover business, Promo Alliance. Corlett wrote and directed the short film, which is available online at the company website (see URL below).

Premiered: 18 July 2006.

Official website:

IMDb listing: unlisted

Series TV -- Lead, Regular, and Recurring Supporting Roles:

RB as Ted Davis

One Tree Hill (CW) - TV Series (2003 - 2012) Ted Davis, father of series regular Brooke Davis (Sophie Bush)  (recurring role). 

Official CW website page:

IMDb listing:

Season Nine (2012)

  • "Know This, We've Noticed" (11 Jan 12) prod. #901, episode #9.01
  • "In The Room Where You Sleep" (18 Jan 12) prod. #902, episode #9.02
  • "Love The Way You Lie" (25 Jan 12) prod. #903, episode #9.03
  • "Danny Boy" (21 Mar 12) prod. #911, episode #9.11
  • "Anyone Who Had A Heart" (28 Mar 12) prod. #912, episode #9.12
  • "One Tree Hill" (04 Apr 12) prod. #913, episode #9.13 (Series Finale)
RB as Clyde Decker

Chuck (NBC) - TV Series (2007 - 2012) CIA Agent Clyde Decker (recurring role)

Clyde Decker is described as a "determined and remorseless CIA agent who will go to any lengths and spare no expense - or life - in order to keep the CIA's secrets buried." 

Series home-page at NBC website:

IMDb listing:

Season Four (2010-2011) Available on DVD

  • "Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger" (16 May 11) prod. # 3X6324, episode #4.24
Season Five (2011-2012)
  • "Chuck Versus The Zoom" (28 Oct 11) prod. # 3X6751, episode #5.01
  • "Chuck Versus The Business Trip" (18 Nov 11) prod. # 5.04, episode # 5.04 
  • "Chuck Versus The Hack Off" (09 Dec 11) prod. # 5.05, episode #5.05 (RIP Decker)
RB in Desperate Housewives episode
Season One

RB in Desperate Housewives - Season 2
Season Two

RB in Desperate Housewives - Season 4
Season Four

RB in Desperate Housewives - Season 5
Season Five

RB in Desperate Housewives - Season 6
Season Six

Desperate Housewives (Touchstone Television / ABC) - TV Series (2004-) Karl Mayer, ex-husband of single mother Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), Fall 2005 beau of neighborhood vamp, Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan), and Spring/Fall 2009 lawyer and later, lover of catering queen Bree Van de Kamp-Hodge.

(2004-2005 / Season One) --Recurring role
(2005-2006 / Season Two) -- Series Regular
(2006-2007 / Season Three) -- Recurring role
(2007-2008 / Season Four) -- Recurring role
(2008-2009 / Season Five) -- Recurring role
(2009-2010 / Season Six) -- Recurring role; final season for character

IMDb listing:

Series premiere: Sunday, 9:00pm ET/PT, 03 Oct 2004

Season One (2004-2005) Available on DVD

  • "Pretty Little Picture" (17 Oct 04) Prod. #102, episode #1.03)
  • "Move On" (09 Jan 05) Prod. #110, episode #1.11)
  • "One Wonderful Day" (22 May 05) Prod. #123, episode #1.24
Season Two (2005-2006) Available on DVD
  • "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" (02 Oct 05) Prod. #201, episode #2.02
  • "You'll Never Get Away From Me" (09 Oct 05) Prod. #202, episode #2.03
  • "Color and Light" (13 Nov 05) Prod. #206, episode #2.07
  • "One More Kiss" (08 Jan 06) Prod. #210, episode #2.11
  • "There's Something About a War" (22 Jan 06) Prod. #212, episode #2.13
  • "Silly People" (12 Feb 06) Prod. #213, episode #2.14
  • "Thank You So Much" (19 Feb 06) Prod. #214, episode #2.15
  • "There Is No Other Way" (12 Mar 06) Prod. #215, episode #2.16
  • "Could I Leave You?" (26 Mar 06) Prod. #216, episode #2.17
  • "Everybody Says Don't" (02 Apr 06) Prod. #217, episode #2.18
  • "Don't Look at Me" (16 Apr 06) Prod. #218, episode #2.19
  • "It Wasn't Meant to Happen" (30 Apr 06) Prod. #219, episode #2.20
  • "I Know Things Now" (07 May 06) Prod. #220, episode #2.21
  • "Remember, part 1" (21 May 06) Prod. #222, episode #2.23
  • "Remember, part 2" (21 May 06) Prod. #223, episode #2.24
Season Three (2006-2007) Available on DVD
  • "Children and Art" (12 Nov 06) Prod. #308, episode #3.08
Season Four (2007-2008) Available on DVD
  • "Opening Doors" (04 May 08) Prod. #414, episode #4.14
Season Five (2008-2009) Available on DVD
  • "We're So Happy You're So Happy" (05 Oct 08) Prod. #502, episode #5.02
  • "A Spark. To Pierce the Dark" (22 Mar 09) Prod. #518, episode #5.18
  • "Bargaining" (03 May 09) Prod. #521, episode #5.21
  • "Marry Me a Little" (10 May 09) Prod. #522, episode #5.22
  • "Everybody Says Don't" (17 May 09) Prod. #523, episode #5.23
  • "If It's Only in Your Head" (17 May 09) Prod. #524, episode #5.24
Season Six (2009-2010) Available on DVD
  • "Nice is Different than Good" (27 Sep 09) Prod. #601, episode #6.01
  • "Being Alive" (4 Oct 09) Prod. #602, episode #6.02
  • "Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover" (11 Oct 09) Prod. #603, episode #6.03
  • "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid" (25 Oct 09) Prod. #605, episode #6.05
  • "Don't Walk on the Grass" (01 Nov 09) Prod. #606, episode #6.06
  • "Careful the Things You Say" (08 Nov 09) Prod. #607, episode #6.07 (in "previouslies")
  • "The Coffee Cup" (15 Nov 09) Prod. #608, episode #6.08
  • "Would I Think of Suicide?" (29 Nov 09) Prod. # 609, episode #6.09
  • "Boom Crunch" (06 Dec 09) Prod. #610, episode #6.10
  • "If..." (03 Jan 10) Prod. #611, episode #6.11 (RIP Karl)
RB as Thomas Wellington

Harper's Island (CBS Paramount Network Television and Junction Entertainment for CBS) - TV Series (April 9 - July 11 2009) Thomas Wellington, real estate mogul and "patriarch" of the blue-blood Wellington family (series regular with Guest Star credit; appears in five of thirteen episodes).

As described by CBS, "Harper's Island" is "a murder mystery that unfolds as friends and family attend week-long festivities at a destination wedding on a secluded and picturesque island off the coast of Seattle, infamous for a homicidal maniac's rampage seven years ago."

The show filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and was given a 13-episode order. Production began August 8th 2008 and continued through January 2009. The series aired in 2009 as a 13-week CBS "Mystery Event," premiering April 9th and running until July 11th

Richard's character meets his demise in 1.05, "Thwack," with his bloody remains shown in the opening scenes of 1.06, "Sploosh."

IMDb listing:

Season One (2009)Available on DVD in September 2009

  • "Whap" (pilot) (9 Apr 09) Prod. #1x01, episode #1.01
  • "Crackle" (16 Apr 09) Prod. #1x02, episode #1.02
  • "Ka-Blam" (23 Apr 09) Prod. #1x03, episode #1.03
  • "Bang" (2 May 09) Prod. #1x04, episode #1.04
  • "Thwack" (9 May 09) Prod. #1x05, episode #1.05 (RIP Thomas Wellington)
  • "Sploosh" (23 May 09) Prod. #1x06, episode #1.06
RB as Ben Kramer

Point Pleasant (20th TV & Original TV for FOX) - TV Series Pilot (March 2004); TV Series (January - March 2005) Dr. Ben Kramer, the "patriarch" of the Kramer family (series regular)

The Kramers take the show's main character, the mysterious Christina, into their home when she washes ashore under mysterious and foreboding circumstances.

(Point Pleasant aired on the FOX network in the USA and Canada and on E4 in the United Kingdom. The show was filmed in San Diego and was given 13-episode order, which was completed for DVD and international broadcast purposes).

IMDb listing:

Season One (2005) Available on DVD

  • "Pilot" (premiere part 1) (19 Jan 05) Prod. #PP-100, episode #1.01
  • "Human Nature" (premiere part 2) (20 Jan 05) Prod. #PP-101, episode #1.02
  • "Who's Your Daddy?" (27 Jan 05) Prod. #PP-102, episode #1.03
  • "The Lonely Hunter" (03 Feb 05) Prod #PP-103, episode #1.04
  • "Last Dance" (10 Feb 05) Prod #PP-104, episode #1.05
  • "Secrets and Lies" (17 Feb 05) Prod #PP-105, episode #1.06
  • "Unraveling" (10 Mar 05) Prod #PP-106, episode #1.07
  • "Swimming With Boyd" (17 Mar 05) Prod #PP-107, episode #1.08
  • "Waking The Dead" (unaired in US) Prod #PP-108, episode #1.09
  • "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Choked" (unaired in US) Prod #PP-109, episode #1.10
  • "Missing" (unaired in US) Prod #PP-110, episode #1.11
  • "Mother's Day" (unaired in US) Prod #PP-111, episode #1.12
  • "Let The War Commence," AKA "Family Style" (Series Finale) (unaired in US) Prod #PP-112, episode #1.13
Richard as Bud Blue

Trash (Regency TV & Sony Pictures Television for WB) - TV Series Pilot (2003) Bud Blue, father of teenage daughter Luna, the show's "Juliet" (series regular).

IMDb listing:

(Sadly, Trash did not make the WB Network's Fall 2003 schedule)

RB as Michael Cassidy

Judging Amy (CBS) - TV Series (1999 -) Michael Cassidy, ex-husband of series lead Judge Amy (Amy Brenneman) Gray (recurring role). 

IMDb lising:

Season Three (2001-2002)

  • "The Justice League of America" (26 Mar 02) prod. #3ADG18, episode #3.18)
  • "Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition" (14 May 02) prod. #3ADG23, episode #3.23
Season Four (2002-2003)
  • "Lost in the System" (01 Oct 02) prod. #4ADG01, episode #4.01
  • "People of the Lie" (10 Dec 02) prod #4ADG10, episode #4.10
  • "The Best Interests of the Child" (21 Jan 03) prod #4ADG13, episode #4.13
  • "Marry, Marry Quite Contrary" (06 May 03) prod #4ADG23, episode #4.23
RB as Captain Hunter

The District (CBS) - TV Series (2000 - 2004) Captain Vincent Hunter, Internal Affairs (recurring role). 

IMDb listing:

Season One (2000-2001)

  • "Worst Block" (21 Oct 00) episode #1.03, prod. #102 (repeat 12/30/00)
  • "Surveillance" (28 Oct 00) episode #1.04, prod. #103 (repeat 01/13/01)
  • "How They Lived" (11 Nov 00) episode #1.06, prod. #105
  • "The Santa Wars" (16 Dec 00) episode #1.10, prod. #110
  • "The D.C. Strangler" (06 Jan 01) episode #1.11, prod. #109
  • "The Agony and the Ecstasy" (24 Apr 01) episode #1.19, prod. #119
  • "Running Towards Fire" (28 Apr 01) episode #1.20, prod. #117
Season Three (2002-2003)
  • "The Second Man" (09 Nov 02) episode #3.07, prod. #307
  • "Good-bye, Jenny" (18 Jan 03) episode #3.11, prod. #311
Season Four (2003-2004)
  • "Jack's Back" (27 Sep 03) episode #4.01, prod. #401
  • "Blind Eye" (25 Oct 03) episode #4.06, prod. #405
  • "In God We Trust" (22 Nov 03) episode #4.09, prod. #409
RB as Alan York

Twenty Four / 24 (FOX) - TV Series (2001 -) Kevin Carroll, alias Alan York (first season recurring role - eleven episodes).

Available on DVD

IMDb listing:

  • "Midnight - 1:00 AM (pilot)" (06 Nov 01) episode #1.01, prod. #1AFF79
  • "1:00 AM - 2:00 AM" (13 Nov 01) episode #1.02, prod. #1AFF01
  • "2:00 AM - 3:00 AM" (20 Nov 01) episode #1.03, prod. #1AFF02
  • "3:00 AM - 4:00 AM" (27 Nov 01) episode #1.04, prod. #1AFF03
  • "4:00 AM - 5:00 AM" (11 Dec 01) episode #1.05, prod. #1AFF04
  • "5:00 AM - 6:00 AM" (18 Dec 01) episode #1.06, prod. #1AFF05
  • "6:00 AM - 7:00 AM" (08 Jan 02) episode #1.07, prod. #1AFF06
  • "10:00 AM - 11:00 AM" (12 Feb 02) episode #1.11, prod. #1AFF10
  • "11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon" (19 Feb 02) episode #1.12, prod. #1AFF11
  • "12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM" (26 Feb 02) episode #1.13, prod. #1AFF12
  • "1:00 PM - 2:00 PM" (05 Mar 02) episode #1.14, prod. #1AFF13
RB as Jim Ellison

The Sentinel (UPN/Paramount) - TV Series (1996 - 1999) Lieutenant Detective James Ellison (65 episodes).

IMDb listing:

  • Season One - Spring 1996 - 10 episodes (Available on DVD)
  • Season Two - Fall 1996 - Spring '97 - 24 episodes
  • Season Three - Fall 1997 - Spring '98 - 23 episodes
  • Season Four - Spring 1999 - 8 episodes
To learn more about Richard's Sentinel co-star, Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), visit

Note: The first season of The Sentinel is now available on DVD. CBS/Paramount does not appear to have any DVD release plans for the remaining three seasons.

RB as Mack Wolfe

One West Waikiki (CBS & syndication) - TV Series (1994 - 1995) Detective Mack Wolfe (20 episodes).

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Actress Tamlyn Tomita, who appeared in the series pilot as Mack's duplicitous departmental watcher, also appeared in an episode of The Sentinel ("Smart Alec").

RB as Lane Cassidy

Viper (NBC & syndication) - TV Series (1994) Lane Cassidy (4 first-season episodes)
  • "Once a Thief" (07 Jan 94) episode #1.03, production #102
  • "Ghosts" (14 Jan 94) episode #1.04, production #103
  • "Firehawk" (28 Jan 94) episode #1.06, production #105
  • "The Scoop" (11 Mar 94) episode #1.11, production # 110
IMDb listing:

Trivia: Wendie Malick (Nina Van Horne on NBC's "Just Shoot Me") worked with Richard on "Firehawk," playing the unscrupulous Iris Nevelson.

RB as Philip Collier

Days of Our Lives (NBC Daytime) - TV Series (1992-93) Philip Collier

IMDb listing:

RB space-holder

One Life to Live (ABC Daytime) - TV Series (1990) Randy Stone

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Richard's time on OLTL was fairly short -- roughly a week. Richard, tongue firmly in cheek, once attributed his abbreviated stay to his confusing resemblance to OLTL actor Doug Wert.

RB as Glenn Harrington

As the World Turns (CBS Daytime) - TV Series (1988-89) Glenn Harrington

IMDb listing:

RB as Chad Rollo

Another World (NBC Daytime) - TV Series (1986-88) Chad Rollo

IMDb listing:

Series TV -- Guest Appearances:

RB as Randall Stafford

CSI:Miami (CBS) (25 Mar 12) Randall Stafford in the episode "Law & Disorder" (prod. # 1018, episode 10.18)

Randall Stafford is a South Florida Councilman of some reknown and is initially involved in the CSI team's investigation due to a clandestine affair with a murdered reporter. Turns out Stafford is one of many people being blackmailed by Malcolm McDowell's unscrupulous attorney Darren Vogel.

IMDb listing:

RB as Charlie Turner

Castle (ABC) (07 Nov 11) Charlie Turner in the episode "Heartbreak Hotel" (prod. # 408, episode 4.08)

Charlie Turner is described as "Late 40s, well dressed and well groomed, all business. He is the co-owner of the Shore Casino, whose business parter Sam Siegel is our murder victim..."

Official ABC website page:

IMDb listing:

RB as Dr. William Grant in The Glades

The Glades (A&E) (24 Jul 11) Dr. William Grant in the episode "Addicted To Love"  (prod. # 207, episode 2.07)

Dr. William Grant  is the owner of the Citrus Springs Wellness Center -- a high-priced pain management operation frequented by "doctor shoppers" (addicts who go from doctor to doctor using their chronic pain to persuade MDs to refill their prescriptions). Turns out Grant is running a "pill mill" operation and the murdered MD was his front man.

Series home-page at A&E website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Timothy in Hot In Cleveland

Hot In Cleveland (TV Land) (29 Jun 11) Timothy in the episode "Unseparated at Birthdates"  (prod. # 215, episode 2.15)

Timothy is one half of a pair of conjoined twins (his brother, Richard, is played by Patrick Fabian). Victoria (Wendie Malick) is set up on a blind date with Timothy, unaware of the "two for the price of one" aspects of their evening.

Trivia: This is the third time Richard has guested on a show with Wendie Malick, and the second in which he's played her love interest. (They have appeared together previously on VIPER, and on Just Shoot Me)

Series home-page at TV Land website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Andre Brennan

Breakout Kings (A&E) (01 May 11) Andre Brennan in the episode "One For The Money"  (prod. # 104, episode 1.09)

Casting sides describe Brennan as "A handsome, smooth con man, 45 to 50 (think George Clooney), Andre is a prison escapee and notorious high-end thief associated with numerous multi-million dollar heists. He is the only thief doing time for a jewelry store heist suspected to be carried out by a ring of thieves known as The Bad Elvises. Andre is a womanizer and lived the high life on Park Avenue before being sent to prison. He escapes from prison to join his fellow Elvises for a final jewel robbery."

Series home-page at A&E website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Governor Charles Brooks

Lie To Me (FOX) (26 Jul 10) Governor Charles Brooks in the episode "Bullet Bump"  (prod. # LTM-216, episode 2.17)

Casting sides describe Brooks as "In his 40s, he’s the Governor of Virginia, a polished and charismatic dynamo who has the right stuff to go the distance — all the way to the White House. When a pretty young campaign volunteer is slain in an assassination attempt apparently aimed at him, Brooks is grilled by Lightman about the incident. However, Brooks just may be what he seems, namely, an honest and conscientious man who had no knowledge of the crime. But Brooks also may have deliberately blinded himself to the sleazy and unpleasant shenanigans right under his nose, and when he’s finally forced to face the truth, it’s a shattering revelation…"

Series home-page at FOX website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Randall Hammond

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (AKA NCIS)(CBS) (18 May 10) Randall Hammond in the episode "Patriot Down" (prod. #723, episode 7.23)

Initially presented as the concerned father of a young man beaten by Navy personnel, Randall Hammond is a rich, powerful, and entitled man whose son is the primary suspect in a date-rape case. As the case unfolds, it becomes evident both son and father participated in the rape of Petty Officer 2nd Class Caylen Burroughs.

Rather than the focus of the episode, the Hammond/Burroughs case sets the stage for the heart of the story -- the murder of NCIS Special Agent Lara Macy, which is the opening salvo of a no-holds-barred attack on Special Agent Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

Series home-page at CBS website: 

IMDb listing:

RB as Richard Morganr

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC) (10 Mar 10) Richard Morgan in the episode "Confidential"  (prod. # 237, episode 11.13)

Richard flew to New York City in early December 2009 to film at least part of his appearance in the episode, as the show is based in New York. He guests with Lena Olin (of Alias fame) and Russell G. Jones.

Richard Morgan is described in casting sides as a "slick, charming, cunning, manipulative and regal billionaire investment banker, skyscraper-owner, Ponzi schemer and murderer. At first glance is disarming and likeable but underneath the smooth facade, lies a true sociopath who wouldn't think twice about killing to protect his ill-gotten gains. Enjoys taunting the police when interrogated."

Series home-page at NBC website:

IMDb listing:

RB as Jack Hurst

Knight Rider (NBC) (21 Jan 09) Jack Hurst in the episode "Knight To King's Pawn"  (prod. # 112, episode 1.12)

Richard flew to Hawaii to film at least part of his appearance in the episode.

Jack Hurst is described as "in his 40's, contemptuous, corrupt, and determined, he's a badass NSA Commander who knew Sarah's father and oversaw funding for Knight Industries. He sweeps in with his task force, shuts down the SSC, removes KITT's chip and steals KITT for his own, nefarious purposes..."

Also known as "the KARR episode" in fandom circles, "Knight to King's Pawn" reintroduces one of KITT's most memorable adversaries, the aggressive and amoral AI named KARR.

IMDb listing:

RB as Dr Logan Taper

Nip/Tuck (FX) (24 Feb 09) Dr. Logan Taper (initially Dr. Logan Ayers) in the episode "Allegra Caldarello" (prod. # 521, episode 5.21). Available for DVD pre-order.

Logan Taper is described in the casting breakdown as "35-45, extremely attractive and refined, James Bond after a martini. He is a plastic surgeon with impeccable style and taste whose obsessive-compulsive behavior is just one symptom of his extreme sexual compulsion."

With Dr. Christian Troy believing himself stricken with terminal cancer, he hires Taper as his replacement at the Troy & McNamara practice. Taper seems very much like Troy -- almost too good to be true. McNamara's misgivings are justified when he and Troy walk in on Taper indulging in his particular paraphilia, "objectum sexuality," which finds him attempting congress with Troy's green tweed office sofa. Taper is, of course, given the bum's rush after his heart-felt explanation of his condition falls on unsympathetic ears -- but not before he has his way with the shiny and expensive new operating table.

IMDb listing:

RB as Mike Volta

Reaper (CW) (13 May 08) Mike Volta in the episode "The Leak," (prod. # 117, episode 1.17) Available on DVD.

Sam's (Bret Harrison) latest job isn't just his usual "bag 'em and send 'em back to hell" routine; turns out this particular escaped soul, Mike -- a philanderer of epic proportion -- has someone on the inside helping him escape on a regular basis, and the Devil (Ray Wise) expects Sam to figure out who's responsible for Mike's unscheduled field trips.

IMDb listing:

RB as Gavin Carter in Big Shots

Big Shots (ABC) (29 Nov 07) Gavin Carter in the episode "The Way We Weren't," (prod. # 108, episode 1.08) 

Duncan (Dylan McDermott) hopes multi-millionaire adrenaline junkie Gavin Carter will help him get his job back at his company, Reveal, by selling him his shares. Of course, Gavin requires some wooing, which means Duncan must test his own "sense of adventure" by joining him for a weekend of macho feats of derring-do -- white-water rafting, rock-climbing, skydiving...

IMDb listing:

RB as Dr. Neil Fuller

Shark (CBS) (07 Oct 07) Dr. Neil Fuller in the episode "Eye of the Beholder," (prod. # 203, episode 2.03) 

Fuller is a distinguished Beverly Hills plastic surgeon suspected of murdering one of his clients to cover up an insurance fraud scheme.

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Series costar Jeri Ryan worked with Richard on The Flash and The Sentinel, while Season 1 series regular Sam Page was Richard's castmate on Point Pleasant. Fellow guest star John De Lancie also appeared with Richard in Sci Fi's "Darklight."

RB space-holder

The Call (ABC) - TV Series Pilot (2007) Frank

Although they engaged in a bidding war with FOX for the show, ABC apparently decided not to go forward with production of the series for Fall 2007. 

IMDb listing:

RB as Vince Peterson

Las Vegas (NBC) (four episodes) Vince Peterson, New York hedge-fund billionaire "whale" who comes to the Montecito Resort & Casino to try his luck -- with the cards, and with Sam (Vanessa Marcil) Marquez.

Richard began filming his first three episodes on January 8th at the show's Culver City studios. His fourth episode was filmed in early May.

IMDb lising:

Season Four (2006-2007) Available on DVD

  • "Bare Chested In The Park" (23 Feb 07) prod. #415, episode #4.15
  • "Junk In The Trunk" (02 Mar 07) prod. #416, episode #4.16
  • "Heroes" (season finale) (09 Mar 07) prod. #417, episode #4.17
Season Five (2007-2008)
  • "A Hero Ain't Nothing But A Sandwich" (2-hour season premiere) (28 Sep 07) Prod. #501, episode #5.01
RB in Eyes

Eyes (ABC) (episode unaired) FBI Special Agent Matthew Hale in the episode "Art," (prod. # 2T57xx, episode 1.12)

Only 5 of the 13 episodes produced were aired by ABC; Richard's, the eleventh in the production run, was shelved. This episode would have been filmed before November '04, when Point Pleasant went into full-time production.

IMDb listing:

RB space-holder

Firefly (FOX; now syndicated, various markets) (28 Jul 03) Lieutenant Womack of Allied Enforcement in the episode "The Message," (prod. # 1AGE13, episode 1.15)

Available on DVD

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Had Firefly remained in production, Womack would have become a recurring character.

RB as Rick Weston

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS) (12 Dec 02) Rick Weston in the episode "High and Low," (prod. # 310, episode 3.10)

Available on DVD

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Colleen Porch, fellow member of the cast of Starship Troopers 2, also appeared in this episode.

RB voices Poacher #1

Wild Thornberrys (Animated - Nickelodeon) (30 Oct 01) Poacher #1(voice) in the episode "The Trouble with Darwin" (prod. # 77, episode 4.04) 

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Richard accepted a role on Wild Thornberrys as it was, at the time, his older son's favorite television show. (The actors taped their vocal roles more than a year before the episode was ready to air).

RB as Jimmy O'Connor

Twice in a Lifetime (PAX) (28 Feb 01) Jimmy O'Connor in the episode "Knockout" (prod. # xx, episode 2.17)

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Writer Neil Landau also wrote Johnny on the Spot, the play staged by the Matrix Theater Company in summer 2002, in which Richard played Fred and Sy.

RB as Robert Gallatin

Just Shoot Me (NBC) (26 Oct 00) Robert "The Nomad" Galatin in the episode "Mum's the Word" (prod. # 83, episode 5.04) 

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Wendie Malick (Nina Van Horne) also worked with Richard on one of his VIPER episodes -- "Firehawk."

RB as JD Scanlon

Providence (NBC) (11 Feb 00) Dr. J.D. Scanlon in the episode "The Apartment" (episode # 2.14 -- prod. # 63313)

IMDb listing:

RB as Mark

Veronica's Closet (NBC) (18 Jan 00) Mark in the episode "Veronica's Tattooed Man" (episode # 3.12 -- prod. # 225612)

IMDb listing:

RB as Cole Riccardi

Action (FOX) (07 Oct 99) Cole Riccardi in the episode "Blowhard" (ACT-104 -- episode # 1.4 -- prod. # 103)

Available on DVD

IMDb listing:

RB as Cole Riccardi

Action (FOX) (16 Sep 99) Cole Riccardi in the episode "Pilot" (ACT-101 -- episode # 1.1 -- prod. # 100)

Available on DVD

IMDb listing:


Touched By An Angel (CBS) (09 May 99) Uncle Frank in the episode "Fighting the Good Fight" (episode # 5.24 -- production # 522)

IMDb listing:

RB in Seinfeld

Seinfeld (NBC) (12 May 94) Dr. Ben Feffa in the episode "The Hamptons" (episode # 5.21 -- production # 522)

Available on DVD

IMDb listing:

RB RB in Love & War

Love & War (CBS) (06 Dec 93) Nick in the episode "Let's Not Call It Love" (episode #2.10 -- production # 31)

IMDb listing:

RB as Jeffrey Bosco

Mann & Machine (12 Apr 92) Jeffrey Bosco in the episode "The Dating Game" (episode # 1.02)

IMDb listing:

RB in Nurses

Nurses (08 Feb 92) Doug in the episode "Married to the Mop/Mob)" (episode # 1.17)

IMDb listing:

RB as Brian Henley

Jake & The Fatman (CBS/Viacom)(01 Jan 92) Brian Henley in the episode "Last Dance" (episode # 93 -- # 5.09 -- production # 9109)

IMDb listing:

RB as Roger Stratford

Matlock (NBC) (15 Nov 91) Roger Stratford in the episode "The Dame" (episode 121 -- # 6.06 -- production # 9105)

IMDb listing:

RB as Brian Henley

Jake & The Fatman (CBS/Viacom) (13 Nov 91) Brian Henley in the episode "I Could Write a Book" ( episode 089 -- # 5.05 -- production # 9105)

IMDb listing:

RB as Doug Oberman

Anything But Love (ABC) (23 Oct 91) Doug Oberton ("Oberman" in  aired episode) / Mukta Brishnu in the episode "Gimme An 'O'."  (episode # 44 -- # 4.05 -- production # 8X05)

IMDb listing:

RB as Mike Va Salle

Who's the Boss (ABC) (16 Sep 91) Mike Va Salle in the episode "Tony Micelli, This is your Life" (episode # 187 -- # 8.15 -- production # 0816)

IMDb listing:

RB as Todd Kurtin

Jake & The Fatman (CBS/Viacom) (08 May 91) Todd Kurtin in the episode "Nevertheless" (episode 084 -- #4.24 -- production # 9023)

IMDb listing:

RB as Matthew Wright

Empty Nest (NBC) (04 May 91) Matthew Wright in the episode "The Cruise" (episode # 69 -- # 3.23 -- production # 070)

IMDb listing:

RB as Curtis Bohannan

The Flash (CBS/Warner Bros.) (30 Mar 91) Curtis Bohannan in the episode "The Deadly Nightshade" (episode # 17 -- # 1.17)

Available on DVD

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Jeri Ryan, who rose to television fame as Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine and appeared in two episodes of The Sentinel as anti-Sentinel Alex Barnes, joined Richard in this episode of The Flash as heiress and kidnap victim Felicia Kane.

RB as Brian Rafferty

Guiding Light (CBS Daytime) (01 May 86) Brian Rafferty (non-contract role)

IMDb listing:

RB space-holder

Vicki Lawrence (NBC/MGM) (date unknown) Danny in the pilot episode (episode #1.00)

IMDb listing: not listed at IMDb

RB space-holder

Strange Bedfellows (NBC/Glenn Larson Prods.) (date unknown) Philip

IMDb listing: not listed at IMDb

As himself -- "Making Of" specials, TV news & current events shows:

RB space-holder

Underground Dinners: Bacon Event (TBD) - TV Special (TBA 2010) 

IMDb listing: 

RB at the All Star Cup, Aug 26-28 2006

All*Star Cup 2006 (Gallowgate Productions & IMG Media / Independent Television (ITV)) - TV Special (26-28 Aug 2006) Ten European celebrities face ten American celebrities in a three-day charity golf event at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales. Richard plays for Team USA and is paired with both actress Jane Seymour and musician Meat Loaf

Coverage of the weekend's events included the daily golfing as well as interviews, Q&A sessions, parties, and team and pairing announcements. 

IMDb listing:

RB on Extra -- 26 Aug 06

Extra (Time Telepictures Television / Warner Bros. Domestic Television) - TV Series (26 Aug 2006) Richard guest-hosts with Extra cohost John Kelley on a special Weekend Edition of Extra which features coverage of the newly-released Desperate Housewives Season Two DVD set. Also featured is Richard's A&E movie, "Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone"

IMDb listing:

RB on Extra - 00 Nov 05

Extra (Time Telepictures Television / Warner Bros. Domestic Television) - TV Series (10 Nov 2005) Extra catches up with Richard at Gladstone's on Malibu Beach after his photo-shoot for the 21 November '05 issue of People Magazine, where he appears as People's Man of the Week. 

IMDb listing:

RB on E! News - 09 Aug 05

E! News (E! Entertainment Television) - TV Series (09 Aug 2005) E! reporter Samantha Harris catches Richard enjoying the surf at Newport Beach and chats with him about joining Desperate Housewives as a series regular for Fall 2005.

IMDb listing:

RB on SOAPnet's Soap Talk

Soap Talk with Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway (SoapNet) - TV Series (21 Mar 2005) Richard chats with old Days Of Our Lives costar Lisa Rinna and her cohost Ty Treadway about life then and now, about work and family. He is later joined on-set by Point Pleasant costar Susan Walters.

IMDb listing:

RB as Captain Dax, on set of STARSHIP TROOPERS 2

Inside the Federation (MogoMedia Inc for Columbia TriStar Home Video) - "Making Of" featurette on DVD release of Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (May 2004) Richard plays Captain Dax in the film, and is featured in the "behind the scenes" show.

IMDb listing:

Richard on E! Celebrity Homes special

E! Celebrity Homes (E! Entertainment TV) - TV Series (11 Jul 1999) Richard hosts an E! TV team for a tour of his home on the South California coast. 

IMDb listing: no current listing

Richard on Access Hollywood's Celebrity Homes

Access Hollywood's Celebrity Homes (Syndicated) - TV Series (27 Mar 1999) Richard hosted an Access Hollywood team on a tour of his home on the South California coast.

IMDb listing:

Richard on E! News Daily

E! News Daily (E! Entertainment TV) - TV Series (01 Feb 1999) Richard and Jeri Ryan chat with an E! TV team during the filming of "Sentinel, Too Part 2."

IMDb listing: no current listing

Richard on KTLA's The Live Show

KTLA's The Live Show (KTLA TV) - TV Series (20 May 1998) Richard guested on the KTLA morning show, The Live Show, on the eve of The Sentinel's eventful 1997/98 season finale, "Sentinel, Too."

IMDb listing: no current listing

Richard on CPAC documenary

CPAC: In Camera documentary (Canadian Public Affairs Channel) - TV Series (16 Mar 1998) Richard was interviewed as part of the "day in the life" behind the scenes look at The Sentinel and the Pet Fly Productions studio facility in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where the series was filmed.

IMDb listing: no current listing

Richard on E! Wild on The Rocks

E! Wild On The Rocks (E! Entertainment TV) - TV Series (Circa Oct 1997) Richard joins series host Jules Asner for a Hummvee ride through the Vancouver, BC, Canada forests, and for a helicopter ride over the city and nearby mountains. 

IMDb listing: no current listing

Cameo Appearances:

RB as The Shadow

Dr Hoo (Lord Entertainment Group for Virgin 1 / Virgin Media) - Online Drama Series (2009) The Shadow in the webisode "The Shadow Talks"

IMDb listing:

Trivia: Dr. Hoo is written, directed, and produced by Stephen Lord of the above-mentioned Lord Entertainment Group. Lord is also the husband of Elaine Cassidy (Abby Mills, Harper's Island). As Elaine Cassidy is one of the leads of Dr. Hoo, playing Hoo's sidekick Zara, it is probable she introduced Richard to the project while they were in Vancouver filming Harper's Island.  (Richard appears as a disembodied head on a computer monitor and talks to Stephen Lord's character, Agent Smart;  Smart is initially shown at a window with the Vancouver skyline as backdrop).

RB as Mr. Grinky

It's True! (Pet Fly Productions for CBS) - TV Series Pilot (1998) Mr. Grinky, police department helicopter pilot in the pilot episode "The Rats of Rumfordton"

IMDb listing:

Trivia: It's True! featured castmembers of Pet Fly's two other shows, The Sentinel and VIPER, in short cameos and bit parts. Had the show been picked up, it would have also filmed at the Bentall Street facility housing Sentinel and VIPER.

RB space-holder

Ryan's Hope (ABC Daytime) (circa mid 1980s) Jimmy Reardon (non-contract role)

IMDb listing:

Stage Appearances:

RB as Sy

Johnny On The Spot (Matrix Theatre Company, Los Angeles, CA) (25 May 02 - 28 Jun 02;  play finale 20 Jul 02) Roles -- three, one uncredited 
  • Fred Graves -- one of Johnny's deceased insurance clients
  • Sy -- Johnny's psychotic step-father
  • the doctor
Trivia: Writer Neil Landau also wrote "Knockout," Richard's episode of Twice in a Lifetime.
RB space-holder

Six Characters in Search of an Author (Milan, Italy) (date unknown) Role -- unknown
RB space-holder

Miracle of Pan (Findhorn, Scotland) (date unknown) Role -- unknown
RB space-holder

Wedding Breakfast (Carnegie Hall Studio Showcase, New York, NY) (date unknown) Role -- Ralph
RB space-holder

Stage Door (Kinglsey Theatre Club, Montclair, NJ) (date unknown) Role -- unknown
RB space-holder

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Amonite Players, Kutztown, PA) (date unknown) Role -- McMurphy
RB space-holder

Suddenly Last Summer (Little Theatre, Nutley, NJ) (date unknown) Role -- Dr. Sugar
RB space-holder

Ayden (Douglas Fairbanks Studio, New York, NY) (date unkown) Role -- Tim
RB as Lee

True West (Arden Theatre (First Baptist Church), Montclair, NJ) (date unknown) Role -- Lee
RB space-holder

Sexual Perversity in Chicago (Venue unknown) (date unknown) Role -- unknown



  • Harold Guskin -- New York Shakespeare Workshop
  • Robert X. Modica, Wynn Handman, Charles Arnold --New Jersey Shakespeare Festival Company
  • Richard Peterson -- ABC Development Program
  • Lynn Masters
  • Carl Woolf -- Rutgers
Special Skills:

Language (French, Italian, German); Licensed Driver (Standard); Motorcycling; Drummer; Singer; Marksman (Expert); Carpenter; Accents; Juggling; Hot Air Ballooning; Body Surfer; Surfer; Rock Climbing; Scuba Diving (Certified); Stilts; Sculpting; and All Sports.

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