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In an earlier incarnation, this page and its subsections were simply called the RBFC Photo Album; accurate, in the broadest terms, but not particularly descriptive. With a few exceptions, the events listed hereunder have all involved situations where Richard met and interacted with his fans, and most of the photos have been shared with us by fans present at the events.

Though mostly comprised of photos taken by fans at Richard's public appearances, our Appearances & Events albums are supplemented with material used courtesy of official event photographers and websites. Thanks go to these organizations, and to the generous Burgi fans who share their photos with us, along with an ongoing entreaty --  as little Oliver Twist said of his porridge, "Please Sir, can I have some more, Sir?" The RBFC gladly accepts photos for inclusion on this page -- with a proviso or two.

  • Richard should be in the photo (well, obviously). Photos of Richard with his cast-mates are fine. 
  • Ideally, Richard's family should not be in the photo (for everyone's peace of mind), though if they are, we reserve the right to protect their privacy by blurring them digitally.
  • Whenever possible, everyone in a photo should be identified for us and willing to appear on the 'net.
  • Photography credits and details -- by who, where, and when -- allow us to properly thank the contributors and label the pictures, so please include this information if at all possible. 
  • The RBFC reserves the right not to add a picture to this page or to hold it for a later page update.
We accept photos in a variety of image formats as e-mail attachments (with the details in the e-mail) and can scan photos if the sender cannot. (Go to the RBFC Info Page for further details).

Again, thankyou to all our contributors, and a hearty bon apetit!

Richard Burgi's Public Appearances and Events

Richard plays the drums at Vancouver's Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, circa 1996-7

Attended by Richard Burgi, Garett Maggart, Bruce A. Young, and various members of the cast and crew of The Sentinel.  Pet Fly Productions and The Sentinel donated wardobe items and memorabilia for the Planet Hollywood collection. 

Richard and Garett played with the evening's band (Richard on drums, Garett on guitar) and were interviewed for both local interest and national entertainment television news spots.

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Richard on the loft set of The Sentinel

The Sentinel -- circa 1997-98. Visits to the Pet Fly Productions studio and to area location shoots in Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Sentinel was one of a small number of television shows with an "open set" policy -- that is, a policy which allowed small groups of visitors (fans or otherwise) to visit the set and location shoots while scenes were being filmed for the show. This policy was a reflection of the generosity and hospitality of the Sentinel family, who were proud of their work and excited to share it with visitors.

No less than a half-dozen fan groups of various sizes visited the studio and location shoots during the production life of The Sentinel.

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(Photo: Bert Hayling)

Richard Burgi at Sentinel Con '98

SentinelCon '98 -- April 3-5 1998, the Renaissance Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sentinel Con '98, the first Sentinel convention, was held over the weekend of April 3-5, 1998. The event took place at the Vancouver Renaissance Hotel, site of several Sentinel location shoots (Love Kills; Foreign Exchange; Vendetta) and was attended by guests of honor Richard Burgi, Garett Maggart, Bruce A. Young, Anna Galvin, Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo. Accompanying them were a large contingent of cast, crew and production staff, all eager to share their pride and joy -- The Sentinel -- with an appreciative audience. 

The proceeds of the convention and its charity auctions were donated to the Vancouver Ronald McDonald House.

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Richard Burgi at CouverCon '98

Couver Con '98 -- October 23-25, 1998, the Westin Bayshore Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Couver Con '98 took place after The Sentinel had returned to production for its abbreviated fourth and final season. As with the earlier convention, fans came from around the globe to attend Couver Con and to celebrate their favorite television show and actors. Guests of honor once again included Richard Burgi, Garett Maggart, Anna Galvin, and Bruce A.Young, along with with other supporting cast members and a selection of memorable guest stars, such as Leigh "Naomi Sandburg" Taylor-Young and Tim Thomerson.

The cast were once again joined by a wide selection of production staff and crew, led by Executive Producers and series creators Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and directors Bruce Bilson and John Connor.

The proceeds of Couver Con were donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

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Richard Burgi at the TCA Press Tour, AKA The Rally

"The Rally" -- January 10, 1999, at the Pasadena Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Pasadena, CA

What came to be known as "The Rally" started out as a plan to catch the eye of reporters attending the Television Critics' Association Winter Press Tour for the UPN sessions. Fans were to gather outside the venue with colorful banners and decorations celebrating The Sentinel's return to the UPN schedule. Once it became obvious to the organizers that the numbers of fans would far outstrip the limited sidewalk capacity, word was passed on to the various publicity and studio Powers That Be. 

Arrangements were quickly made by UPN to host a reception in one of the hotel ballrooms, where fans were treated to lunch, a screening of a new episode, and a visit from the actors and producers. Meanwhile, reporters had a chance to learn more about the show from the fan perspective.

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(Photo: Laura Peck)

Richard Burgi was Guest of Honor at the Santa Anita Race Track

Santa Anita Park, Santa Anita, CA, circa early 1999

Richard Burgi and his family were guests of honor at the Santa Anita Race Track where they were treated to a horse and buggy ride around the track. Richard had this to say of the event during a subsequent AOL/People Online chat:

"I enjoyed the experience. They were very gracious to me. The jockey of the day gave his goggles to my son. That was a highlight. I can see becoming a permanent fixture there on a semi-permanent basis. They were all very nice."

(Sadly, we currently have no photos of Richard at the event)

Richard Burgi attends the presentation of the first RBFC check

Presentation of RBFC Fall 2001 Charity Auction proceeds to The Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center (FSLMMC) -- Saturday, October 27, 2001, the FSLMMC, Laguna Beach, CA

Richard recommended the FSLMMC to us as our official RBFC charity in time for the Fall 2001 Charity Auction, which offered a selection of memorabilia from The Sentinel and Richard's other projects. 

Combined with cash donations, the auction proceeds totaled $4,817, and the check was presented to the FSLMMC by RBFC President Kathleen Cole at a small ceremony attended by Richard Burgi and his family.

The FSLMMC, which recently changed its name to The Pacific Marine Mammal Center, continues to be the official RBFC charity.

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(Photo: Bert Hayling)

Richard Burgi appeared in Johnny On The Spot

"Johnny On The Spot" -- May 25 - July 20, 2002, The Matrix Theatre, 7657 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA

 Richard played two credited roles -- Fred and Sy -- and one uncredited (the doctor) in the Neil Landau-written "comedy-drama about the fear of responsibility and missed opportunities as a young man journeys through the past, present and future." 

Directed by Jules Aaron, the play was staged at the Matrix Theatre in Hollywood. "Johnny on the Spot" (JOTS) ran from Saturday, May 25th through Saturday, July 20th, with four shows per week -- Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm. During its eight-week run, JOTS garnered its fair share of critical acclaim, including Los Angeles Times Critics' Choice, where the Theater Beat review titled  "Johnny Takes a Seriocomic Journey to Maturity,"  (by David C. Nichols) included the words "inspired," "superb," and "immensely satisfying," with the cast described as "wonderful." 

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(Photo: M.J. Lipshie)

Richard Burgi appears at Moonridge in 2002

Alpine Wildlife Celebration -- Saturday, June 1, 2002, Moonridge Animal Park, Big Bear Lake, CA

Richard was slated to attend the Second Annual Celebrities and Wildlife Event with Sentinel costar Garett Maggart from 10am - 4pm, but encountered heavier than expected traffic and didn't arrive until midafternoon.

Though most of the fans attending had already departed, a few stalwarts were still on-site when Richard arrived with his sons and got to visit with him for a while before he headed back down the mountain for that evening's performance of "Johnny On The Spot."

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(Photo: M.J. Lipshie)

Richard Burgi appears at the 42nd Monte Carlo Television Festival

The 42nd Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival -- July 1 - 6, 2002, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Long seen as Monaco's answer to France's prestigious Cannes Film Festival, the 2002 event was held in July for the first time in  '02 in an effort to make the event more accessible to television actors and producers.

As an official guest of the Festival, Richard took part in a number of events, starting with the "black tie" Opening Ceremony (which he attended with wife Lori). He was also one of the guests honored at a Special Evening presentation dedicated to "TV Detective Series," and attended the Independence Day Party hosted by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco with his wife and sons. He joined Tori Spelling in presenting the award for Best Male Performance at the black-tie Gold Nymph Awards Ceremony (photo at left), and was present for the Closing Ceremony.

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Richard Burgi emcee'd the FSLMMC Marine Mammal Masquerade

The First Annual Marine Mammal Masquerade -- Saturday, October 26, 2002, The Richard MacDonald Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Richard served as Master of Ceremonies for the "casual, funky, and fun" charity event, which benefitted the Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center. Attendees were feted with music, wine, and spirits, hors d'oeuvres, a dinner buffet, fortune tellers, belly dancers, and a veritable treasure-trove of swag at the event's silent auction.

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Richard Burgi makes a new friend at Moonridge in 2004

Alpine Wildlife Celebration -- Saturday, July 24, 2004, Moonridge Animal Park, Big Bear Lake, CA

Richard attended the '04 event with his family, arriving at the Park at 10:30 that morning and remaining until the event ended at 5:00pm. He and Sentinel costar Garett Maggart were the event's Guests of Honor, with Richard taking part in both an animal and a memorabilia auction and a marathon autograph and photo op session.

The Alpine Wildlife Celebration is part of an ongoing drive to raise the funds needed to finance the Park's move from its current location -- on which the long-term lease is soon to expire --  to a new, bigger facility on the other side of Big Bear Lake. 

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(Photo: Bert Hayling)

Richard Burgi attended the LCA 7 charity auction event in 2004

Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance (MPICA) "Lights, Camera, Auction - Take 7" -- October 22 - 24, 2004, Sheraton Gateway Hotel LAX. Los Angeles, CA

Richard and son Sam joined Sentinel costar Garett Maggart and Desperate Housewives costar Steven Culp for one of the Saturday afternoon sessions, taking part in a Q&A and a charity auction.

The MPICA charity auction is held on a yearly basis, with each event benefiting a pair of children's charities, one in the Los Angeles area, and one in Canada. The LCA Take 7 event benefited the Canuck Place Children's Hospice in Canada and Hollygrove Children and Family Services in Hollywood, California.

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Richard Burgi attended the Return to Cascade Convention in 2004

Return to Cascade Convention -- February 26 - 27, 2005, LAX Westin Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Richard joined Sentinel costars Garett Maggart and Bruce A. Young, Creators and Executive Producers Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, directors Bruce Bilson and John Connor, writer Harold Apter, and several other members of the creative team behind The Sentinel, for the Saturday slate of events.

Richard and his fellow Guests of Honor took part in a Q&A session and subsequent autograph session, after which came a rousing auction of increasingly rare Sentinel memorabilia. His day was rounded off with an RBFC get-together.

For Richard and his old Sentinel coworkers, the event was both a chance to celebrate their work on the show and to reconnect with one another, making the Return to Cascade Convention an event thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.

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(Photo: Bert Hayling)

Richard Burgi attended the Newport Film Festival's Spring Benefit in NYC on April 20th 2006

NIFF Spring Benefit in NYC -- April 20th, 2006, STEREO, New York, NY

Richard appeared at the Newport International Film Festival's Spring Benefit in NYC to help launch the NIFF fundraiser auction, which featured two Burgi packages, and to announce his attendance at the June 2006 Film Festival. 

The Spring Benefit was held Thursday, April 20th,  from 8 to 11 pm at New York hot-spot STEREO, located at 512 West 29th Street. Richard was hosted at the event by old high school chum and NIFF Executive Director Laurie Kirby (pictured at left). While there, Richard mingled with NIFF supporters and members of the Entertainment industry and press. 

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(Photo: Joe Ruggeri / NIFF)

Richard Burgi attended the Newport International Film Festival in June 2006

Newport International Film Festival -- June 6 - 11, 2006, Newport, RI

Richard joined other celebrity guests and film aficionados in Newport for the annual Newport International Film Festival, where he headlined one of the Festival's panel discussions. His panel, titled "Inside Hollywood with Richard Burgi," attracted a group of 30 or so and was held at the Newport Blues Cafe.

Richard's panel gained some press attention when he jokingly replied to a question on his on-screen dalliances that kissing his costars Teri Hatcher and Nicollette Sheridan was "like sheetrocking" -- in other words, part of their work routine.

Richard also joined the winners of one of the Festival's auction prizes -- Lunch With Richard Burgi -- for a meal and chat at Newport's Moorings Restaurant.

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(Photo: Ruth Crenshaw)

Richard Burgi attended the All*Star Cup charity golf tournament in August 2006

Northern Rock All*Star Cup charity golf tournament -- August 26 - 28, 2006, The Celtic Manor Hotel and Golf Club, Newport, Wales, UK

Richard played for Team USA at the All*Star Cup tournament. The event is an annual competition between European and American celebrities -- musicians, actors, sportsmen, models, television personalities -- with each player's designated charity receiving  a donation.

Team USA was composed of notable actors, musicians, and sportsmen, with Richard being teamed with Jane Seymour on the first day of competition and Meat Loaf on the second.

Though Team USA eventually lost to Team Europe, Richard and his fellow players had fun and kept the audience well entertained. 

The event received extensive television coverage from the UK's ITV1 and ITV2 and was available to viewers across Europe.

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