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Two-week listing of Richard's TV appearances

Recent Movies
Studio website for Fun with Dick and Jane

Fun With Dick and Jane -- premieres 21 Dec 05

Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni headline this update of the 1977 original, which starred Jane Fonda and George Segal. Carrey and Leoni play Dick and Jane Harper, a couple who find themselves on the verge of financial collapse when Dick loses his job. The Harpers turn to a life of crime to pay the bills, apparently preying on their wealthy neighbors and friends. 

Richard plays their next-door neighbor Joe, and based on the trailer footage, Dick and Joe wage a constant battle for "king of the hill."

Official web page:

Studio website for In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes -- premieres 07 Oct 05

In Her Shoes stars Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette as sisters Maggie and Rose, and Shirley MacLaine as their grandmother Ella. Richard plays Rose's boyfriend Jim Danvers, who triggers a calamitous falling out between the sisters by sleeping with Maggie.  According to the character breakdown, Danvers is "a handsome, suave attorney at the law firm of Lewis, Dommel and Fenick. He's also a cold-hearted ladies man who dumps women without thinking twice."

Official web page:

Studio website for Cellular

Cellular -- premiered 10 Sep 04; now available on DVD

Cellular stars Kim Basinger as Jessica Martin, with Richard Burgi as Craig Martin, Chris Evans as Ryan Hewitt, William H. Macy as Bob Mooney, Jason Statham as Greer, and Jessica Biel as Chloe. 

The IMDb gives the following plot summary:   "A young man (Evans) receives a call on his cellular phone from a woman (Basinger) who says she's been kidnapped, and thinks she's going to be killed soon, along with her husband and son who the kidnappers have gone after next. The catch? She doesn't know where she is... and his cell phone battery might go dead soon." 

Official web page:

Studio website for Starship Troopers 2

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Richard spent much of May and June 2003 working on the Jon Davison-produced sequel to Starship Troopers, titled Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation. Principal photography ran from May 14th through June 20th, shooting at the Manhattan Beach Studios and in the Santa Clarita "canyon country" outside Los Angeles. The film was directed by Phil Tippett, from a screenplay by Ed Neumeier. Richard plays Captain Dax, Hero of the Federation.

Starship Troopers 2 is available for purchase on DVD and can be seen on various Cable movie channels. 

Studio website listing:

Studio website for Decoys

Decoys -- premiered 27 Feb 04; now available on DVD

Richard made a quick trip to Ottawa, Canada, in early 2003 for a role in a tongue-in-cheek science fiction movie titled Decoys, which director Matt Hastings describes as "American Pie meets Species" -- a sci-fi thriller set on a college campus. Richard plays Detective Francis Kirk. According to the script, "He's a young cop who knows that he won't be in this small town busting college students for party pranks for much longer. He thinks he belongs somewhere between NYPD Blue and the cover of GQ."

After a short stint in Canadian theaters, Decoys premiered on Cable TV and is now available on DVD.

To learn more about Decoys, visit the Official Decoys website at:

Network listing for Torn Apart

Torn Apart -- premiered 27 Sep 04 on Lifetime TV

The Lifetime TV website gave the following description of  Torn Apart:  "A doctor's [Carrere] life is turned upside down when the father [Midkiff] of a patient she couldn't save kidnaps her husband [Burgi] and daughter. The kidnapper forces her to choose which of the two hostages he should spare. Starring: Tia Carrere, Dale Midkiff, Richard Burgi, Zoe Gaber." 

The film was written and directed by Stuart Alexander and produced by Mark Bacino, Jim Green, and Albert J. Salzer. Tia Carrere plays Dr. Vicki Westin. Richard plays Billy Westin, the husband of Carrere's Vicki Westin. Dale Midkiff plays Jerry Bender.

Lifetime TV's listing:

Network listing for Darklight

Darklight -- premiered 18 Sep 04 on The Sci Fi Channel

Richard plays William Shaw and is joined by Shiri Appleby ("Roswell") as Lilith. "Star Trek's" John de Lancie and  David Hewlett of "Stargate Atlantis" also star in Darklight.

Lilith is the mythical first wife of Adam, cursed because she refused to submit to her husband. Captured by The Faith after centuries of savage rampaging, Lilith has been stripped of her memories and powers and lives in closely-watched obscurity until a fanatical leader of the Faith (de Lancie) decides to hasten the Apocalypse by tricking an unbalanced scientist (Hewlett) into becoming a plague-spewing Demonicos. Shaw, who lost his son to Lilith, is prevailed upon to reawaken Lilith to her true nature and train her to battle the Demonicos.

Sci Fi Channel listing:

Studio website for Wheelmen

Wheelmen -- premiered in 2004 on DVD in overseas markets

Richard plays Nick Torino, a former hotshot ambulance driver now riding herd on an unorthodox assortment of drivers for a Los Angeles limo company.  A dream assignment -- ferrying the US Vice President and his entourage around the city -- proves to be anything but as the Venture Limousine drivers find themselves embroiled in a kidnap attempt.

Production began in Culver City, on October 10, 2001, shooting for nineteen days. Locations ranged from downtown Los Angeles to Lancaster in the desert. 

To learn more about Wheelmen, visit the Official website at

Television Shows
Network website for Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives at the ABC Website

Richard guested as caddish Karl Mayer, ex-husband of Susan (Teri Hatcher) Mayer, in three episodes of Season One. He's back as a Series Regular for Season Two and will most probably divide his time between bedeviling his ex and her new beau, Mike (James Denton) Delfino, and courting the racy divorcee, Edie (Nicollette Sheridan) Britt.

The new season of Desperate Housewives premieres on ABC on Sunday, September 25th, in its usual 9:00pm ET/PT timeslot.

Desperate Housewives at ABC:

Studio web listing for Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant at the 20th Century Fox TV Distribution website

Richard played Dr. Ben Kramer on this short-lived supernatural dramatic series from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" alumna Marti Noxon.

Point Pleasant aired on FOX from January through March and aired 8 of the show's 13 episodes, which are now all available in the Complete Series DVD Set coming out in October.

Series listings at FoxNow site:

Studio and Network web pages for Firefly

Firefly at the 20th Century Fox TV Distribution website

Richard guest-starred on what proved to be the very last episode filmed of Joss Whedon's "Sci-fi Western," Firefly, playing Lt. Womack in "The Message."

The short-lived series aired on FOX and, as with Point Pleasant, was canceled before all the produced episodes could be aired. The show, a cult favorite, is now available on DVD and is currently airing on the Sci Fi Channel.

Series listings at FoxNow site:

Studio and Network pages for 24

24 in first run on the Fox Network; syndication information at 20th Century TV Distribution

Richard appeared in eleven episodes of the groundbreaking hit series' first season, playing two roles in one -- Alan York, the increasingly anxious father searching for his missing daughter, and the ruthless mercenary Kevin Carroll who had killed the real York and assumed his identity.

Season One is now available on DVD and is airing in syndication on various channels.

24 listing at Fox Network site:

Series listings at FoxNow site:

Space: The Imagination Station listing for The Sentinel

The Sentinel listings at Space: The Imagination Station

Canada's Space: The Imagination Station is the first North American Cable channel to air The Sentinel since its roughly three-year run on the Sci Fi Channel wound down. A coup for Canadian viewers -- Space is airing the episodes in their original, uncut UPN form. 

For scheduling and episode information, visit Space's Sentinel page at:

SciFi Channel page for The Sentinel

The Sentinel web page at the Sci Fi Channel site

"Intriguing storylines, one-of-a-kind cop partners, witty dialog, and movie-sized action pieces have combined to make The Sentinel a favorite among fans of all ages ... The Sentinel, which is set in the fictional city of Cascade, Washington, stars Richard Burgi as Lt. Detective Jim Ellison. A buddy cop drama, the action-adventure series focuses on a veteran police detective, the lone survivor of a Special Forces helicopter crash in Peru, who after surviving 18 months in the hostile jungle comes to find that he has developed incredibly heightened sensory powers."

The Sentinel was produced by Pet Fly Productions in association with Paramount Network Television, a division of Paramount Pictures, and aired on the United Paramount Network (UPN) from Spring 1996 to Summer 1999. Though not presently scheduled on Sci Fi, the channel's  website page for The Sentinel is still accessible.

Visit the Sci Fi Channel's Sentinel web page at:

UPNcyclopedia listing for The Sentinel

The UPNcyclopedia -- entries for The Sentinel

As described at the site, the "UPNcyclopedia started several years ago as a personal project to create a database of information about the United Paramount Network. Originally started for personal use it was opened up to the public in the form of With the vast collection of information on the internet facts were collected and gathered about every show, movie and star on the network."

The entry for The Sentinel includes a well-researched and detailed overview of the show, along with a season-by-season listing of the episodes.

Visit the UPNcyclopedia at:

Notable Charities
Official Website of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a non-profit organization staffed by dedicated volunteers and funded by donations. Its mission is to:
  • rescue, medically treat and rehabilitate seals and sea lions that are stranded along Orange County, California beaches due to injury or illness;
  • release healthy animals back to their natural habitat; and
  • increase public awareness of the marine environment through education and research."
The PMMC website --

Pacific Marine Mammal Center
20612 Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach, California 92651

Telephone: (949) 494-3050 -:- Fax: (949) 494-2802

Official Website of the American Red Cross

American Red Cross

The mission of American Red Cross Disaster Services is to ensure nationwide disaster planning, preparedness, community disaster education, mitigation, and response that will provide the American people with quality services delivered in a uniform, consistent, and responsive manner.

The American Red Cross responds to disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires, or other situations that cause human suffering or create human needs that those affected cannot alleviate without assistance. It is an independent, humanitarian, voluntary organization, not a government agency.

All Red Cross assistance is given free of charge, made possible by the generous contribution of people's time, money, and skills.

American Red Cross:

Official Website of the Moonridge Animal Park & Zoo

Moonridge Animal Park & Zoo "Home for Life" program

The lives of more than 150 wild animals and birds are at stake as Moonridge Animal Park is forced to relocate due to an expiring land lease.  The Home For Life Campaign is an urgent, nationwide appeal to raise the $15 million needed to secure a permanent site, and build a new wildlife facility in the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California. The park's animals have already cheated death once, and are among the more than 8,000 injured, abandoned, or endangered wildlife rescued and rehabilitated at Moonridge Animal Park since it opened in 1959. Ironically, the animals are in danger again, as their home itself is now fighting for survival.

Moonridge Animal Park:

Official Website of the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance

Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance

The Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance® is an entertainment industry-based non-profit organization that hosts charity auctions featuring items donated by studios, theatres, actors, directors, producers and crew members of popular movies, television series and stage productions. At these auctions, the fans of the shows are given the opportunity to collect special memorabilia while simultaneously generating funds for noteworthy causes. The selected charities benefit from both the generosity of the donations and from the enthusiasm and support of the fans. Each yearly event benefits one US and one Canadian charity, with different charities selected for each event.

MPICA website:

Official Web Page of the Orange County Bird of Prey Center

Orange County Bird of Prey Center

 The Orange County Bird of Prey Center was formed to:

    * Educate the community about raptors
    * Rehabilitate injured raptors
    * Release recuperated (recovered) raptors back into the wild 

OCBPC website:

Official Website of the National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society

"The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity. Founded in 1905, the National Audubon Society is named for John James Audubon (1785-1851), famed ornithologist, explorer, and wildlife artist."


Official Website of the Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation

"The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots-based, non-profit environmental organization that works to protect the coast. Founded in 1984, Surfrider now has 43 Surfrider chapters located along the East, West, Gulf, Puerto Rican, and Hawaiian coasts. The Surfrider National USA headquarters are in San Clemente, California. Surfrider has over 25,000 members in the U.S.; in addition, International Surfrider chapters and affiliates have been established in 4 foreign countries, Japan, Brazil, France and Australia."

(Richard, an avid surfer, is especially supportive of Surfrider's work).


Laguna Beach Chapter:

Notable Instructors and Actors
Website of Robert X Modica, Acting Coach

Richard holds Robert X. Modica in very high regard, as a man and as a teacher. "Robert X. Modica is one of the greatest influences in my life," he says in his testimonial at Modica's site.

"Robert X. Modica helped forge an iron will in me to endure the difficult task of this life journey, to assiduously explore the essence of this great art form. However, it was his sense of humor, honesty and irony, and his intolerance for bullshit that did it for me. There are many teachers, he is one of a kind. If you want to do the work there is no better guide, and if I have seen farther it is because I have stood on the shoulders of the Robert X. Modicas of the world."

Robert X. Modica's website:

Official Website of Garett Maggart

Though not as prolific as his Sentinel costar, Richard Burgi, Garett Maggart has worked on a feature film -- Demon Under Glass -- and has appeared in an episode of the long-running hit NBC series, ER. Most recently he has performed in several plays and has also appeared in a limited run of episodes of Days of Our Lives. He has also worked with the Moonridge Animal Park and Zoo, taking part in their annual fund-raisers.

To learn more about Garett Maggart and his career, visit his official website at:

Official Website of Leigh Taylor-Young

Leigh Taylor-Young is a vibrant and vivacious lady. She is also a talented and versatile actor with an extensive and varied resume with highlights including Peyton Place, I Love You, Alice B. Toklas, Dallas, Picket Fences, Sunset Beach, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and The Sentinel. Leigh is best known to Sentinel viewers as the free-spirited Naomi Sandburg, mother of Blair Sandburg. Leigh has described her time on the set of The Sentinel as one of the happiest work experiences of her life, and her time spent with Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart as a joy. (Leigh very kindly agreed to be interviewed for the premiere issue of the RBFC Newsletter, which is available to RBFC Members).

To learn more about Leigh Taylor-Young, her life, and her career, visit her website at:

General Interest, Reference and Research
Google search engine

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

As a first step to fulfilling that mission, Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a new approach to online search that took root in a Stanford University dorm room and quickly spread to information seekers around the globe. Google is now widely recognized as the world's largest search engine -- an easy-to-use free service that usually returns relevant results in a fraction of a second. 

Google website:

The Internet Movie Database

The Internet Movie Database

As described on the IMDb home page, the IMDb is "the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet." It is also a valuable research resource for information on actors' filmographies, as each actor's IMDb entry provides a highly detailed listing of their roles in film, television, or stage along with basic biographical information.

IMDb website:
Richard Burgi's listing:

TV Now monthly schedule listings for Richard Burgi


The TV-now website offers television viewers an invaluable tool for keeping up with favorite actors -- a cross-referencing of those actors and any movie or show in which they have appeared, updated and listed on a monthly basis.

In addition to its listing of more than 5,300 actors,  TV-now also offers monthly listings of specific movie genres.

TV-now website:
Richard Burgi's listing: -- first stop for online Richard Burgi shopping

According to's mission statement, "Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online." has certainly become the premiere online retailer, offering a mind-boggling catalog of products. Of particular interest to admirers of Richard Burgi would be the ever-growing portion of Richard's filmography now available on DVD through and its international subsidiaries. website:
Amazon Canada:

The Futon Critic -  Television industry news resource

The Futon Critic

The Futon Critic website describes itself as "the web's best television resource," and the site is indeed an invaluable research tool in our ongoing search for the latest news and information on Richard's television roles and appearances.

The Futon Critic website:

Eonline - Website for E! Entertainment TV

E! Entertainment TV is a round-the-clock Cable network which focuses primarily on the Entertainment industry and those associated with it. Hollywood news, gossip, fashion, talk shows; hot TV shows, hotter movies, the hottest celebrities; features on celebrities past and present, their homes, their fashion sense, their favorite vacation spots and activities are all explored. (Richard has been featured in several E! shows (E! News Daily, Wild on the Rocks, and E!'s Celebrity Homes) the latter two repeating periodically at E!'s discretion. Check E! Online for scheduling information).



Access Hollywood website

Access Hollywood

As described at the show's website, Access Hollywood is a  "daily entertainment newsmagazine currently in its ninth season of providing the most comprehensive coverage of entertainment news and personalities on television."

Richard has been featured in years past in Access Hollywood coverage on The Sentinel and will hopefully appear in future features on Desperate Housewives now that he is a Series Regular on the show.

Access Hollywood website:

ETonline -- website for Entertainment Tonight TV & entertainment news show

Entertainment Tonight

According to the ET website, Entertainment Tonight is the "#1 syndicated entertainment newsmagazine in the world," and "the world's #1 source for news on celebrities, show business, and Hollywood happenings." 

Richard has been featured in years past in Entertainment Tonight coverage on The Sentinel and will hopefully appear in future features on Desperate Housewives now that he is a Series Regular on the show.

Entertainment Tonight Online:

Website for Extra TV & entertainment news show


"Extra" will kick off its 12th season in national syndication with a fresh new approach to breaking and covering entertainment news. This season, "Extra" Takes You There, as the popular series breaks new ground by taking the show on the road and bringing viewers to the exact location where the hot news is happening. With a team of correspondents stationed at newly established posts around the globe, "Extra" Takes You There by being first on the scene, reporting news as it happens. From films to fashion, television to music, "Extra" has an all access pass to the entertainment world and along with the dynamic duo of co-hosts, Dayna Devon and Mark McGrath "Extra" offers the ultimate, inside look at the entertainment landscape.

Richard will hopefully appear in future features on Desperate Housewives now that he is a Series Regular on the show.

Extra website:

Epguides website -- TV series research and reference resource

The website provides an invaluable research resource to aficionados of television shows past and present and the actors who appear in them. 

Working in close partnership with the website, Epguides provides an overview of each TV series in the database, with a list of cast regulars, production details, and chronological listings of episodes.

Epguides website:

TVcom website - encyclopedic TV show reference resource

If Epguides is the initial lookup index, then is the accompanying encyclopedia. and work hand in hand, with Epguides providing the basic information on shows and offering the more detailed descriptions of shows and episodes, along with character details and actor biographies. website:
Richard Burgi's listing:

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