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The Image of Richard Burgi appearing on the site front page was taken in early 2005 by Bert Hayling at the Return to Cascade Convention in Los Angeles, CA. 

The images of Richard Burgi on the Biography and Filmography page belong to and are used with the kind permission of Laura Peck, a professional photographer based in Baltimore, MD. The photos, designated LPeckR45Ls3, RallyRB01s (Laura's 51R) and RallyRB04-As on our pages, were taken in January '99 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Pasadena, CA during UPN's day at the TCA Winter Press Tour.

Laura attended and photographed Sentinel Con '98, CouverCon '98 and "The Rally" at the TCA Press Tour and has a wide selection of photos available from each of these events.

Contact Laura for further information at the addresses below:

Laura Peck, 102 Franklin Ave.,Baltimore, MD 21225

Ph: 410-636-1009 or E-mail:

The images on our Photo Album pages come from RBFC Members and are used with their permission.

Many of the screen-grabbed images used on our News and Archive pages come from the websites of fans of The Sentinel and Richard Burgi who very graciously shared them with us.

Daniela "Danny" Dohmen and her friend Pam Schuster generously shared their CouverCon '98 photos with us -- DDcouverRB2bs, DD...RB7-2s, DD...RB6-2s, DD...RB1as, DD...RB8-2s, DD...RB9-2s and DD...RB4a2s.

E-mail Danny at:

Bert Hayling provided the photos taken during the October 1997 visit to the Pet Fly Productions studios (during the filming of Sentinel episode "Dead Certain") which are labeled as BHdedcert01s, BHdedcert02s and BHdedcert03s.

E-mail Bert at:

B Johnson shared the Rally image RB2BJs with us.

Barbara Nice-Miller, founder of the Sentinel Ad Group, kindly allowed us the use of the images designated as BNMsencon1, BNMsencon2s, CouverCon01s, CouverCon02s, CouverCon08s and CouverCon09s.

Ad Group URL:

E-mail Barbara at:

Dianne Smith kindly offered us the CouverCon images designated as DScc18s, DScc24s and DScc26s.

Steffi Pollok, in addition to donating time and impressive graphic design skills to the RBFC site, has also contributed scans and translations of articles published in Europe. Her screen-grabs -- made from PAL broadcasts and processed through professional video equipment -- are truly spectacular. Thanks, Steffi!

E-mail Steffi at:

Becky Brewster has graciously shared her library of Richard Burgi screen-grabs with us, providing many of the images gracing our News, Filmography, and Episode Guide pages. Thanks, Becky!

E-mail Becky at:

Starfox and Corinna very kindly allowed us the use of their library of screen-grabbed Sentinel television images. (Starfox runs the website; Corinna "grabs" the images). Made from European PAL-format broadcasts, the images are especially sharp and clear and are a beautiful addition to the RBFC website. Thank you, ladies!

E-mail Starfox at:

E-mail Corinna at:

Ann Teitelbaum generously contributed the following Sentinel Con images: ATgroup1s, ATpair5s, ATpair7s, ATrb1s and ATrb2s.

E-mail Ann at:

Laura Trout gave us the use of CouverCon07s as well as the "Four Point Shot" location images LTgmset05s, LTrbset01s, LTrbset02s, LTrbset03s, LTrbset08s and LTrbset11s.

E-mail Laura at:

Sherry Zoeller generously contributed the location shot, Sentinel Con, and CouverCon images designated as SZchina3-1s, SZchina3-2s, SZchina3-3s, SZchina4-32s, SZneedl3-13s, SZscon2-14s, SZscon2-22s, SZcc2-25x, SZcc2-27x, SZcc3-6x, SZcc3-14C2s and SZcc3-18s.

E-mail Sherry at:

The logos and "screen grabs" displayed on our pages are copyrighted property of the shows, networks, production companies, organizations or entities they represent; no infringement is intended by their use in reference to those organizations or entities or by their inclusion in descriptions of those shows.

This website would not have taken shape anywhere near as quickly as it did without the kind and patient tutelage of "Ursula," who shepherded me through many a pitfall-strewn electronic vale.

Unlike Venus on the half-shell, this site did not spring forth fully-formed in all its radiant glory; Emily's first RBFC page and subsequent test pages laid the foundations for the current RBFC site (though the "house" I built on those foundations probably looks a lot different from the one Em envisioned). Likewise, Carla provided the biography and filmography and Nancy set out the Membership particulars.

When the founders of the RBFC decided to approach Richard Burgi about forming a fan club, Carla Coupe spearheaded the effort, researching the proper channels and procedures for fan club formation and writing the proposal.  Once Richard gave us his blessings, Carla tackled the daunting task of setting up the administrative arm of the RBFC.  It's safe to say without Carla, there would have been no RBFC.  She has worn many "hats" in the RBFC coordinating committee -- unofficial president, SOS liaison, accountant, office manager, archivist, troubleshooter, spokesperson, and general dogsbody, to name but a few.

Carla eventually decided to take a much-needed break and turned the RBFC administrative duties over to Kathleen Cole.  Kathleen has been a member of the RBFC since its inception and has proven to be a worthy successor to Carla.  Thankyou, Carla, for adroitly shepherding the RBFC since 1998, and thankyou, Kathleen, for taking up the reins!

Similarly, Nancy Chek -- also one of the founders of the RBFC and editor of the club newsletter, Pelican Briefs -- decided the time had come to pass on the reins of Pelican Briefs. Lucy Doty volunteered to take on the role and produced the Newsletter until late 2006, when Kathleen Cole once again took up the reins. Kathleen has since been doing double duty with the Newsletter and Club administration. Our heart-felt thanks and best wishes to Nancy and to Lucy.

Any mistakes, inaccuracies, breaches of Netiquette or publishing standards are mine alone (and hopefully they are few and far between).

Special thanks go to Richard and Lori Burgi; quite literally, this site and the RBFC would not have been possible without them.

- Bert Hayling, 24 August, 2007

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