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January 8th, 1999 saw more than 200 Sentinel fans gathering in Los Angeles, CA for the chance to support The Sentinel before the members of the press attending the Television Critics' Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour. As with the two Sentinel conventions in Vancouver, people flew or drove into LA from across the USA and beyond, from places including Germany and the Bahamas.

The Rally, as the event came to be known, started out fairly simply; it was to be a spontaneous gathering of Sentinel fans waving banners and placards celebrating the return of The Sentinel to UPN's lineup, with festive Sentinel attire optional but desirable. They would arrive, wave their banners and balloons at the arriving press representatives, and depart. When it became apparent that the original goal of 100 people would easily be surpassed, that members of the press were actually staying at the hotel, and that the venue -- the Pasadena Ritz-Carlton Hotel -- would not easily adjust to the presence of several hundred people floating about the porte cochere, Paramount Television, in cooperation with Pet Fly Productions, Shepley Winings and UPN, very graciously arranged for a fan reception in one of the hotel ball-rooms just off the convention center housing the TCA event.

Fans attending the reception were treated to an advance viewing of the new fourth-season episode Murder 101, followed by a short Q&A with Sentinel producers Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, who were joined by Sentinel stars Richard Burgi and Bruce A. Young. Richard and Bruce finished their Q&A with a traditional autograph/receiving line.

Richard left the reception proper to spend some time with members of the RBFC attending the Rally -- which turned out to be a quite substantial number of people. Richard rose to the occasion admirably, taking the time to chat with, hug, shake the hand of, and take pictures with every person or family on the impromptu receiving line. Not surprisingly, Richard's warmth and friendliness -- and the much-treasured hugs -- were the highlight of the RBFC get-together.

** Viennese Room, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Pasadena, CA **

RB at Rally Q&A LEFT: Richard Burgi, moments after taking his seat on the stage. Charles Barile of Shepley Winings, publicity agency for The Sentinel, served as Master of Ceremonies and introduced the guests of honor -- Richard Burgi, Bruce A. Young, and Sentinel producers and creators Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo.

(Photo: Barbara Nice-Miller)

RIGHT: Richard enjoying one of the many jokes and wise-cracks flying back and forth before the Q&A got rolling. Richard seems to have been quite the life of the party at the Press Tour, joking around with the reporters covering the event. His entrance to the Viennese Room was no less entertaining; he made his way to the stage with a small flashlight held out in front of his face like a spotlight, highlighting a wicked grin.

(Photo: Barbara Nice-Miller)

RB at Rally Q&A
RB at Rally autograph table LEFT: After Richard and Bruce had answered a few questions, they moved off the stage to an adjacent table to sign autographs, greet attendees and pose for photos. Richard is captured here adroitly juggling all three.

(Photo: Laura Peck)

RIGHT: A different angle on the autograph line. Richard and Bruce signed autographs for and chatted with a line of attendees nearing the size of that at either of the two previous Sentinel conventions. Both gentlemen rose to the occasion with warmth, charm and gallantry.

(Photo: B. Johnson)

RB at Rally autograph table


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