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JE suited up -- 4PSFilmed in mid-September of 1998, Four Point Shot was one of the first episodes shot for the truncated fourth season. A sequel of sorts to both third season's Three Point Shot and first season's Siege, Four Point Shot brought back the Cascade Jags (played by such NBA luminaries as Clyde Drexler, "Muggsy" Bogues, Kurt Rambis, Malik Sealy and Damon Stoudamire) and the dangerously unbalanced Garrett Kincaid and his Sunrise Militia, along with a rather unorthodox getaway vehicle -- a decommissioned Soviet submarine, which would also have a role in an episode of VIPER, The Sentinel's Pet Fly Productions stablemate.

Kincaid, once again free from prison, finds his way to Cascade in time to gate-crash a Jags exhibition game, this time taking the team and the stadium full of spectators hostage, including Captain Simon Banks, his son Darryl, and Ellison's unofficial partner, Blair Sandburg. Ellison and his Cascade PD team work to find a way inside while Sandburg and Darryl evade capture and wait for an opening to free the Jags and Banks.

BS & JE -- 4PSKincaid's ransom demands are met -- one of the VIP attendees is in league with Kincaid -- and Kincaid releases the spectators. The Jags and Banks -- and the captured Sandburg and Darryl -- are kept as insurance while Kincaid makes his escape. Banks realizes Kincaid intends to kill his hostages, as does Ellison, who hitches a ride atop the van containing the hostages.

Kincaid, his men, and the hostages soon reach the docks and the militia's unlikely escape vehicle -- a decommissioned Soviet submarine. Ellison frees the hostages and with their help, incapacitates the entire mob of militiamen. A Jags player's "nothing but net" delivery of a tear-gas canister down the deck hatch finishes off the submarine crew and Ellison has the pleasure of decking Kincaid before he and his incapacitated militiamen are dragged off to jail.

(Three Point Shot "screen grab" courtesy of Starfox and Corinna)

** Pacific Coliseum Location Shoot -- "Four Point Shot" -- Sep 16th '98 **

RB & GM on court LEFT: Garett Maggart and Richard Burgi wait for another chance to test their mettle against some of the NBA's best-known athletes. Though "Four Point Shot" was the third episode aired of The Sentinel's abbreviated fourth season, it was actually the second episode filmed. The episode reintroduced characters from first season's "Siege" (Garrett Kincaid and his militia) as well as third season's "Three Point Shot" (the Jags, Cascade's NBA home team). As with "Three Point Shot," much of the location work for this episode was done at the Pacific Coliseum. The episode opens with the officers of Cascade's PD playing ball with the Jags as part of a joint promotional spot.

(Photo: Laura Trout)

RIGHT: Richard goes airborne on the Pacific Coliseum court. He's either in the process of shooting for the basket or going for a rebound.

(Photo: Laura Trout)

RB goes for basket
GM & RB move down-court LEFT: Garett and Richard follow their Sentinel team-mates -- and the action -- down the court. As basketball was one of the most popular between-takes pastimes at The Sentinel's Bentall Street studio (the cast and crew had their own half-court set up at the end of an access corridor), playing against actual NBA players probably made "Four Point Shot" one of the season's most enjoyable location shoots.

(Photo: Laura Trout)

RIGHT: Richard advances on Domonique Al-basha Adam (Bruce Young's stand-in and occasional background-scene cop) and Henri Brown (Detective Henri Brown) between takes.

(Photo: Laura Trout)

DA-A, HB & RB on court
RB signing autographs LEFT: Richard takes a few minutes to visit with fans and autograph some Sentinel cast photos for them. Laura Trout, Nancy and Travis Reed, and Erin and Jessica Fry comprised the group of fans visiting the shoot. (Though the plan to have them play extras in the stands did not work out, they did get to spend several hours on location and visit with Richard, his costars, and the Sentinel production crew).

(Photo: Laura Trout)

RIGHT: Jessica Fry and Nancy Reed -- along with their friends off-camera -- present Richard with two large plastic bags full of belated birthday gifts from Sentinel fans. Richard was at a loss for words as the contents of the bags were revealed. (Danny Bilson looks on at far right). The trek to Vancouver started out simply as a delivery run -- in addition to the two sacks of gifts for Richard, the visiting fans were delivering the Ad Group tee-shirts made up for the cast and crew of The Sentinel. The chance to spend time on location was, as always, a tremendously appreciated gift from the cast, crew and producers of The Sentinel.

(Photo: Laura Trout)

RB stunned by fan goodies
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