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CouverCon '98 -- the second Sentinel event of 1998 -- was a benefit in aid of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Held on October 25, 1998, the Charity Auction played a large part in raising the Convention proceeds which quite handily exceeded US$50,000. Additional amounts raised by silent auction at CouverCon and by a later on-line auction brought the total donated to the EGPAF into the range of US$53,000.

As with the previous convention, the wardobe and prop departments of The Sentinel donated a veritable treasure trove of Sentinel memorabilia to the auction. Richard, Garett and Bruce leaped into the auction with gusto, artfully displaying the items while encouraging the bidding with well-placed jokes and commentary.

Up for bidding were the outfits worn by both Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart in second season's premiere episode "Flight," along with several items of jewelry and apparel from the Sandburg Collection, such as the very popular fur hat pictured below. Loft props such as a large throw cushion and episode props such as the Santeria piece being spun by Garett below were also on the block, as were more mundane items like Ellison's driver's licence and police ID cards -- and another pair of plaid boxers from the good detective's wardrobe, once again modeled by Richard.

** CouverCon '98, Principal Cast host Charity Auction **

RIGHT: Richard gets comfortable, rolling up his sleeves up as the auction gets started.

(Photo: Barbara Nice-Miller)

RB smiling at Q&A
RB & GM with hat LEFT: The Sunday actor Q&A was followed by an auction of Sentinel memorabilia donated by the Sentinel prop and wardrobe departments. Garett Maggart is seen here modeling the hat last seen atop Blair Sandburg's head in The Sentinel's second-season episode "Light My Fire." Richard's smile is also reminiscent of his on-screen reaction to the hat's debut. The scene, which takes place in Ellison's truck, is a fan favorite. Bidding on the hat was brisk and substantial.

(Photo: Barbara Nice-Miller)

RIGHT: Richard, Garett and Bruce took turns playing auctioneer. Richard is seen here extolling the virtues of one of Jim Ellison's Cascade PD "shields" and either his identification card or driver's licence as the bids go ever higher.

(Photo: Barbara Nice-Miller)

RB with Ellison's badge
RB modeling boxers LEFT: Richard models what are presumed to be a pair of Jim Ellison's boxer shorts. As at Sentinel Con '98, held six months earlier, Richard's wearing o' the shorts spurred the bidding and was met with enthusiastic and boisterous applause.

(Photo: Barbara Nice-Miller)

RIGHT: Richard and Garett scan the room for incoming bids on the current items -- Jim Ellison's Cascade PD ID card and drivers' licence, both signed by Richard as Jim Ellison and autographed on the back. Bruce, just off camera to the right, served as auctioneer.

(Photo: Sherry Zoeller)

RB & GM w/ Ellison's ID's
RB w/ JE's ID & licence LEFT: Richard, holding Jim Ellison's drivers licence and Cascade PD ID card, laughs at a comment from the audience.

(Photo: Dianne Smith)

RIGHT: Richard and Garett paid close attention to the bidders competing for the items on the block. The bidding often moved rapidly, with one bid overlapping another in a most confusing manner.

(Photo: Sherry Zoeller)

RB & GM taking bids
GM & RB with Trance prop LEFT: Garett and Richard had great fun with this prop from the third-season episode "The Trance."As it turned out, neither one remembered the prop as they were not in the scenes featuring it. Richard's risque -- though perfectly accurate -- name for the item left everyone, guests and attendees alike, laughing uproariously. Richard was himself reduced to tears, red-faced and shaking with laughter.

(Photo: Dianne Smith)
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