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Photos Added: December 1 '99

CouverCon '98 was different from most conventions in that the principal cast were the "main event" on Sunday rather than Saturday. Sunday's schedule included a brunch attended by the cast, producers and guest stars of The Sentinel as well as a Question & Answer session with Richard Burgi, Garett Maggart and Bruce A. Young. The Q&A led into the charity auction with Richard, Garett and Bruce displaying the items being auctioned as well as encouraging the bidders with dulcet tones, sweet blandishment and a healthy dose of joking and goofing around. Once the Q&A and Auction were finished, the guests took a short recess before moving on to the autograph session.

** CouverCon '98 -- Richard Burgi arrives for Sunday events **

RB at Westin entrance LEFT: Richard was met at the limo door by CouverCon staffers and brought up to speed on the day's schedule, which included a celebrity brunch, the principal cast Q&A session, an auction run by Richard and his costars, and finally an autograph session.

(Photo: Daniela Dohmen and Pam Schuster)

RIGHT: After entering the Westin's convention center through a side door, Richard was met by a crowd of cheering Sentinel fans.

(Photo: Daniela Dohmen & Pam Schuster)

RB entering Westin
RB at Cowichan door LEFT: Richard stopped to answer a few questions before joining his table at the Charity Brunch which preceded the Q&A and auction. The cast of The Sentinel as well as many of the guest stars at CouverCon were joined at their tables by fans who won a chance to share a meal with the actors. Due to unforseen circumstances, Richard was unable to make the start of the brunch, so Garett Maggart and Anna Galvin joined those at Richard's table until he arrived.

(Photo: Daniela Dohmen & Pam Schuster)

RIGHT: CouverCon '98 drew attendees from around the world as well as across the USA. Due to inflexible airline schedules, several Con goers had to leave before the Sunday events got underway; Pam Schuster and Daniela "Danny" Dohmen , from Germany, were among them. When he learned of their situation, Richard made a point of spending a few minutes with Pam and Danny before they left.

Richard is seen here squeezing a CouverCon foam ball while admiring Danny's hand-painted shirt, which she modeled for him before giving him a similar shirt.

(Photo: Daniela Dohmen and Pam Schuster)

RB admiring Danny's shirt
RB receives shirt from Danny LEFT: Her turn on the "catwalk" complete, Danny gave Richard a hand-painted shirt similar to her own.

(Photo: Daniela Dohmen & Pam Schuster)

RIGHT: Richard posed with Danny for a few photos before slipping back into the "green room" and staging area to get ready for the upcoming Q&A.

(Photo: Daniela Dohmen & Pam Schuster)

RB & Danny
Pam, RB and Danny LEFT: Richard made sure Pam and Danny didn't leave CouverCon without a hug and a photo or two to commemorate the event.

(Photo: Daniela Dohmen and Pam Schuster)
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