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L to R: Mia  (Mandy) Kirshner, Dennis (David Palmer) Haysbert, Sarah (Nina Myers) Clarke, Leslie (Teri Bauer) Hope, Kiefer (Jack Bauer) Sutherland, and Elisha (Kimberly Bauer) Cuthbert.

On November 6th, 2001, the FOX Network launched one of the most daring and novel shows of the Fall 2001 season -- Twenty Four.  The daringness and novelty both lie in the format; Twenty Four is an example of  "real-time" TV in which an hour of the show corresponds with an hour of the characters' lives. Twenty Four takes one 24-hour day, midnight to midnight, and spreads it across a 24-episode season.

We first meet CIA agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and his faltering family on the eve of the California Primary.  Senator David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) is in town for the election and is considered a shoo-in for his party's presidential nomination.  Palmer is also the first African-American with a real shot at the Presidency.

All is not well at the Bauer household.  Jack has just recently moved back home after an apparent separation from wife Teri (Leslie Hope) and finds himself caught in the middle of a war of wits between Teri and their rebellious teenage daughter Kimberly (Elisha Cuthbert).  Jack and Teri compare notes after Kimberly has gone to her room and decide not to let her play them off one against the other.  They go to her room, determined to present a united front -- and discover their errant offspring has flown the coop.

Jack and Teri are getting ready to hunt for Kimberly when Jack's phone rings.  His assistant, Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke) tells him he's needed at the office -- the Los Angeles counter-intelligence unit -- immediately; something's going on -- something big -- and his entire unit is being called in.  Jack has to leave, and Teri has to tackle the search for Kimberly on her own.

By the time Jack arrives at the office, he has come to the conclusion that Palmer is at the center of whatever is going on.  His superior confirms his hunch; Senator Palmer is the target of an assassination attempt due to be carried out in the next twenty-four hours. Apparently a European assassin has been hired, but by a home-grown group of murderous malcontents. Should such an assassination attempt succeed, it could tear the country asunder.

The situation grows increasingly complex as Jack learns there is most likely agency involvement in the plot; he is to trust no-one.  Assassination, conspiracy, wheels within wheels -- and Bauer has twenty-four hours to get to the bottom of the whole mess.

Alan and Teri split-screensTeri, at her wit's end, gets a phone call from a man searching for his similarly missing daughter.  Single parent Alan York (Richard Burgi) has been going through his teenage daughter Janet's (Jaqui Maxwell) things and found the Bauer phone number. Alan and Teri become increasingly sure their daughters are together, wherever they are, and agree to phone should either hear anything.

Teri -- with Jack's agency assistance -- accesses Kimberly's e-mail and learns she has plans to get together with a friend -- Janet -- and two young men at a local furniture store. Alan calls to check with Teri, who informs him of her discovery. Alan, who is himself going stir-crazy, asks Teri if he can accompany her on the drive to round up their wayward daughters.  She agrees, and they are soon on the road, unwittingly crossing paths with the van carrying their daughters in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, a 747 en route to Los Angeles bears two interesting passengers -- European photographer Martin Belkin (Rudolf Martin), due to shoot pictures of the Senator, and the apparently tiddly and overly libidinous vixen sitting beside him.  Said vixen, name of Mandy (Mia Kirshner), lures the hapless photographer into a nearby lavatory.  She is... free with her favors and relieves Belkin of his wallet in the process.  She leads him back to their seats and returns to the galley area, where we learn there is a lot more to Mandy than meets the eye.  She coolly dons a jump-suit and parachute, rigs a cabin door with a shaped charge, and sets another, larger bomb in the galley.  Cabin door blows, out Mandy goes, and the larger charge brings down the jumbo jet. (This scene was altered in the wake of the horrific events of September 11th; the shot of the plane exploding was replaced with one of Mandy illuminated briefly by the orange glow of an explosion).

And thus the stage is set.  Jack and his team are searching for anything to give them a lead on the assassin; Teri and Alan are frantically searching the streets of LA for their foolish daughters; Janet and Kimberly have bitten off more than they can chew and are being driven off to parts unknown by their pair of "college men;" and a ruthless, murderous young woman is parachuting down over the outskirts of Los Angeles.

FOX initially hedged its bet with this new show, only ordering thirteen episodes, with the fate of the remaining eleven resting in the hands of the viewers and ratings.  With Twenty Four proving to be one of the season's more popular dramas, FOX ordered the balance of the season -- a wise choice, as the show was nominated for a pair of Golden Globes, one of which was won by Kiefer Sutherland.

The show premiered on Tuesday, November 6th at 9:00pm ET/PT and 8:00pm CT and has been encored the following Friday or Saturday. The FOX spinoff FX has also been broadcasting Twenty Four.   Information on the show is available at the FOX website ( and on the Twenty Four page at the FOX site (

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Season One (2001-2002)

Richard Burgi as Kevin Carroll, alias Alan York
Alan York phones Teri Bauer Episode Title: Midnight - 1:00 AM (pilot)

Production #: 1AFF79 Broadcast #: 1.01

Writer: Robert Cochran & Joel Surnow

Director: Stephen Hopkins

Original airdate: 06 Nov 01

Synopsis: After telling her parents, Jack and Teri Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland and Leslie Hope), good night, Kimberly (Elisha Cuthbert) has snuck out of the house to join her friend Janet York (Jaqui Maxwell) for a late-night rendezvous with two young men. No sooner have Jack and Teri discovered her absence than the phone rings -- Jack is being called back to his office at the Los Angeles Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU). As Jack heads off to deal with the brewing crisis at work, Teri starts combing through Kim's bedroom for clues to her whereabouts.

The phone rings and when Teri picks up, a man identifying himself as Alan York (Richard Burgi) asks her if she has a teenage son or daughter; his daughter Janet has snuck out and the Bauer phone number was in Janet's rolodex. When Teri tells him her daughter is also missing, they conclude the girls are more than likely together. After agreeing to call with any news, they hang up.

With help from CTU tech Jamey (Karina Arroyave), Jack gets Kim's email password and gives it to Teri. Teri soon finds an email from Janet listing the details of their escapade. She calls Alan York and fills him in on the details -- Janet and Kim are driving out to the Valley to meet two young men at a furniture store. Alan asks Teri if they can drive together and is soon on the way to pick her up.

Meanwhile, Janet and Kim are about to leave the furniture store with Rick (Daniel Bess) and Dan (Matthew Carey) for a party when Kim checks her phone for messages; there are several, all from her mother. Dan agrees to take her home, so into the van they get, crossing paths with Alan and Teri -- who drive on past, not recognizing the van.

Alan & Teri clean up after daughters Episode Title: 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Production #: 1AFF01 Broadcast #: 1.02

Writer: Joel Surnow & Michael Loceff

Director: Stephen Hopkins

Original airdate: 13 Nov 01

Synopsis: Alan York and Teri Bauer arrive at the furniture store, where they find Janet's car parked outside. As the door is unlocked, they enter the store and find ample evidence of partying. As Teri looks around the main floor, Alan goes upstairs and soon returns with a condom packet in one hand and a grim expression on his face. Meanwhile, Kim has begun to realize the seriousness of her situation and tries to talk Rick and Dan into releasing them, to no avail.

After talking briefly with Jack, Teri and Alan decide to wait at the furniture store until the girls return. A quick search through the papers under a shop counter provides Alan and Teri with the name of one of the boys, but no contact information. Teri tries to call Jack to get the store owner's name and number; when Jack is unreachable, she calls his assistant Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke) and persuades her to pull up the name and number.

While waiting for Nina to call back, Teri and Alan decide to clean up the mess left by their partying offspring. They talk as they clean, Teri mentioning her recent separation from Jack as a possible cause of Kim's rebellious behavior, and Alan revealing that his wife abandoned husband and daughter ten years earlier, never to return. Nina calls with the owner's number and Teri calls him, leaving a message when the machine picks up. Back in the van, Dan has grown increasingly tired of Kim's attitude. He pulls over and demans that Kim call her mother and feed her a line about being at a party. Kim refuses and at first, Dan intends to hurt her to force compliance. Rick reminds him she is not to be harmed, so Dan takes a tire-iron to Janet's arm instead. Stunned and frightened, Kim makes the call, but leaves Teri suspicious by refusing her offer of a ride home and ending with an uncharacteristic "I love you."

As Dan and Rick herd their captives back into the van, Alan and Teri decide to leave the store, planning to head home until they hear from the girls again.

Waiting at the furniture store Episode Title: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM

Production #: 1AFF02 Broadcast #: 1.03

Writer: Joel Surnow & Michael Loceff

Director: Stephen Hopkins

Original airdate: 20 Nov 01

Synopsis: Teri Bauer calls her husband Jack from the store parking lot, telling him she has heard from their daughter Kimberly. Jack is less than amused to learn that Teri was unable to learn Kim's location, and that she and Alan York have decided to leave the store. Jack demands to speak to Alan and reads him the riot act. Despite Alan's reservations, they remain at the furniture store.

Meanwhile, Dan and Rick have heard from their boss, apparent conspiracy chief Ira Gaines (Michael Massee). They are to stall for a while, as Gaines' plans have been delayed. Kim is increasingly concerned for Janet, who -- despite the stupor-inducing "roofie" -- is in great pain with what Kim suspects is a broken arm. Rick, not quite as loutish as Dan, decides to do what he can for Janet's pain by injecting her with a dose of heroin. When Rick joins Dan for a joint outside the van, Kim manages to wake Janet up and, once she's lucid, fills her in on their dire situation and the need to escape. The girls make a run for it, dashing across an active runway and down warehouse-lined side-streets.

With the grudging aid of a hustler, Kim and Janet evade Rick and Dan several times and eventually wind up with a cell-phone, using it to phone Teri. Kim begs her mother to come to their rescue, giving her an approximate location based on some visible billboards. She is forced to hang up before she can say more as Dan and Rick are coming. Kim sends Janet on ahead, hoping to buy Janet time to escape. Unfortunately, Janet staggers in front of a car and is mowed down. Kim tries to revive her but is grabbed and dragged off by Rick and Dan. Deciding Janet isn't necessary to Gaines, they leave her in the road, assuming she's all but dead.  As the van pulls away, Janet stirs slightly -- she is still alive. Across town, Alan and Teri are speeding towards their location.

Alan & Teri pulled over Episode Title: 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM

Production #: 1AFF03 Broadcast #: 1.04

Writer: Robert Cochran

Director: Winrich Kolbe

Original airdate: 27 Nov 01

Synopsis: As Teri Bauer and Alan York speed towards their daughters' last reported location, Kimberly is once again penned up in the van with abductors Rick and Dan. Janet, meanwhile, has briefly regained, and once again lost, consciousness. Kim, unable to believe Dan and Rick just left Janet in the road, continues to beg them to return. Drugged-out Dan pulls over and after thinking a bit, realizes Janet -- if alive -- will be able to identify them. He decides to return to Janet's location to deliver the coup de grace. As Kim is somewhat less than pleased with the plan, Dan orders Rick to bind and gag her with duct-tape.

Alan and Teri, minutes way from Janet's location, are pulled over by a traffic cop due to Alan's speeding. Teri and Alan try to explain what's going on to the uninterested cop, to no avail -- all he wants are Alan's driver's license and registration. Teri tells him of her call to 911 and asks him to verify the call, which he grudgingly agrees to do. He orders the pair to stay in the car while he calls in the incident. Alan, increasingly frustrated, agitated, and angry, finally jumps out of the car and storms over to accost the officer. He is promptly placed under arrest, handcuffed, and left sitting on the curb to stew. Neither Alan nor Teri notice Dan's van cruise right on past them.

Teri, having left the car to try to reason with the cop, misses a phone call from Jack, who has followed a lead to a warehouse district. Jack is soon embroiled in a cat and mouse game with a cop and a bad guy.  Meanwhile, Dan has found his way back to warehouse row and finds Janet still conveniently sprawled across the street. Rick and Kim want to pick her up and put her in the van, while Dan just wants to make sure she's dead. He pulls up alongside and is ready to shoot her when an ambulance pulls into view. Foiled, Dan pulls off and the ambulance rolls up.

Back at Alan's car, Alan has decided to try the apologetic approach, but the cop has none of it; it is only when the 911 is confirmed that he lets them go -- but not before pontificating a bit. When Alan and Teri arrive on the scene, they drive past the departing ambulance. Alan pulls alongside a woman and asks if she saw anything. She tells them a young girl has been run over and taken to hospital -- but that it didn't look good. She gives them the name of the most likely hospital and they drive off.  Dan and Rick have, in the meantime, delivered Kim to Ira Gaines, telling him Janet is dead. Across town, Jack has seen his warehouse bad guy taken into police custody -- claiming he knows the whereabouts of Kimberly.

Alan & Teri watch Janet in surgery Episode Title: 4:00 AM - 5:00 AM

Production #: 1AFF04 Broadcast #: 1.05

Writer: Chip Johannessen

Director: Winrich Kolbe

Original airdate: 11 Dec 01

Synopsis: Janet York has been taken to the St. Mark's Hospital where she is prepped for immediate surgery. Her father, Alan York, and Teri Bauer arrive soon afterwards and begin a desperate search for the young girl recently brought in. When a nurse tells them the only patient fitting that description is a Jane Doe, they rush past and through the doors into the surgical corridor to see for themselves. Sure enough, Janet is on the operating table visible through the window. Jack calls and a tearful Teri tells him of the past hour's ordeal. He promises to be there as soon as he can, and asks Teri for more information on Kim's whereabouts. With none to be had, he asks about speaking to Janet and is told she is still in surgery.

Gaines, having taken custody of Kim, informs Dan and Rick of a change of plans -- they'll have to go to the compound to get their $20,000 payment. They are also to drive to the compound using a different route. Rick is less than sanguine about their prospects, but Dan will have none of it.

Back at the hospital, Alan and Teri have talked to the police about the girls' abduction and Kim's disappearance. Jack phones and tells Teri that a suspect in custody may know where Kim is, making it vital that they talk to Janet as soon as she's out of surgery. Alan returns from checking on Janet and agrees with Teri when she says she wishes Jack were there. Jack's suspect, Penticoff, has in the meantime told police he will speak to no-one but Bauer. Penticoff, it turns out, wants to cut a deal with Bauer -- he'll tell Jack where Kim is if Jack gets him out. Seems his employers are expecting him to be at a certain payphone at a certain time, and if he's not, Jack can kiss Kimberly goodbye.  Naturally, Jack assists in Penticoff's escape and is there when the payphone rings. Penticoff is to go to a parked car and dispose of the body in the trunk.

After checking again on Janet, Alan joins Teri on a nearby sofa. Teri expresses feelings of guilt over her relationship with her daughter, and fear that they left the warehouse area too soon. Alan promises to stay with Teri until Kim is found. Jack and Penticoff have, meanwhile,  found the car and opened the trunk to reveal a body deliberately disfigured to hide its identity. Jack calls Nina at CTU to arrange a pickup and immediate forensic examination to determine the dead man's identity.

Gaines, Kim, Dan and Rick have reunited at the conspirators' compound. Gaines asks Dan to tell him once more of Janet's fate, knowing full well a girl fitting her description has been admitted to hospital. When Dan lies and Gaines catches him in the lie, it's curtains for Dan as Gaines demonstrates the difference between maybe dead and definitely dead. Rick is given a field promotion, admonished not to repeat Dan's mistakes, and given the grisly task of burying the dearly departed Dan. Back at the hospital, Janet's condition takes a decided turn for the worse.

Alan feeds Teri false information Episode Title: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM 

Production #: 1AFF05 Broadcast #: 1.06

Writer: Howard Gordon

Director: Bryan Spicer

Original airdate: 18 Dec 01

Synopsis: Janet is at death's door as Alan and Teri look on helplessly. Janet's blood pressure crashes, leading to cardiac arrest and multiple jolts from a defibrillator. She is brought back from the brink, however, and treatment continues. Jack, en route to the hospital, calls Teri to say he will soon be there and to warn her that Janet's life might still be in danger; they are to be on the lookout for suspicious visitors.

When Jack arrives at the hospital, he first meets with the head of security, who has ordered a lockdown. He is soon reunited with Teri, who fills him in on Janet's condition -- stable but still unconscious -- and introduces him to Alan. Alan isn't sure he wants Janet put through an interrogation so soon after her traumatic experience. Jack stuns both Alan and Teri by treating him like a suspect, calling into question his knowledge -- or lack thereof -- of Janet's plans and whereabouts that evening. Teri comes to his immediate defense, telling Jack that Alan was with her all night. They are interrupted by an apparent security breach.

 Jack calls Nina for a forensic progress report. They have determined a time of death -- between 11pm and midnight. Identification of the deliberately mutilated body will take longer. Teri talks to Alan while Jack makes his call, apologising for her husband's abrupt and suspicious manner. Jack, she thinks, is sure Janet holds the key to finding Kimberly. Jack returns and leads Teri down the corridor for a quiet conversation, telling her as much as he can of the conspiracy he's embroiled in, and how the girls were abducted because of him. Teri breaks down and Jack consoles her as Alan looks on.

Alan has good news for Teri and Jack when they rejoin him -- Janet has made it through surgery. Jack apologises to Alan and steps away to answer his phone once more; Nina has news -- the body has a unique surgical pin in one ankle which should ease identification. The surgeon comes out to speak to Alan, Teri, and Jack, announcing that Janet has pulled through surgery and should make a complete recovery. Jack asks the doctor if he can ask Janet some questions, and she turns the decision over to Alan. Alan wants to see her first to make sure she's up to it, and as he goes into Janet's room, Jack turns to answer his phone. Jack, expecting Nina, is surprised by an unfamiliar male voice -- that of Ira Gaines. Gaines orders him to leave the hospital immediately if he wants to keep his daughter alive. Gaines makes it plain he has access to the hospital security cameras and tells Jack to smile at Teri to reassure her before slipping out to the garage and a waiting car.

Alan, meanwhile, is escorted to Janet's room by her doctor, who leaves the room to give them some privacy. Janet, still groggy, wakes up and says "Daddy?" Alan walks to her bedside and as he nears, Janet realizes she doesn't recognize him. "Who're you?" are her last words, as Alan -- after looking quickly around the room -- reaches down to pinch off her oxygen line and hold his hand over her mouth and nose, suffocating her.

Once Janet has joined the choir invisible, Alan rejoins Teri, telling her that Janet has given him an address where Kim is probably being held. As Jack is nowhere to be seen, Teri decides to go off in search of Kim on her own. Alan says he will go with her, as Janet will be fine without him. As they drive off into the Hollywood Hills, Teri notices a large and obviously recent scratch on Alan's arm, which he claims to have done a while earlier. Shortly thereafter, Nina tries to call Jack and can't, so she calls Teri instead and asks her to pass on a message; they have identified the body -- a man named Alan York.

York/Kevin tied to tree Episode Title: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM 

Production #: 1AFF06 Broadcast #: 1.07

Writer: Andrea Newman

Director: Bryan Spicer

Original airdate: 08 Jan 02

Synopsis: At the conspirators' compound, Kimberly manages to convince Rick that he and she both are living on borrowed time -- that Gaines will dispose of them both when it suits him. Jack Bauer, now under the watchful eye and ear of Ira Gaines, has returned to CTU, where he learns from Nina that the dead man has been identified as one Alan York, and that she passed the message on to Teri. Jack, furious, demans that Gaines tell him who Teri is actually with. Gaines refuses to answer Jack's question, giving him an ultimatum instead -- get with the program, or Teri and Kim will be shot.

Gaines calls Kevin -- apparently our Alan York impostor's real name -- to warn him that Teri knows he's not really Alan York. Kevin is out of cellular range, so Gaines leaves a message on his voice-mail. Kevin and Teri have, meanwhile, pulled to the side of the road as Teri has claimed to be ill. Teri scuttles off into the bushes to supposedly throw up, and Kevin checks his phone for messages, hearing parts of Gaines' static-laden warning. He realizes Teri is nowhere to be seen and takes the keys out of the ignition. Teri, meanwhile, has grabbed a rock and found a hiding place, and when Kevin comes to search for her, she jumps up and wallops him with the rock. Before he is felled by another blow to the head, Kevin throws the car keys away. Satisfied he is out cold, Teri uses his own jumper cables to tie him to a nearby tree before trying to use his cell-phone to call for help.

When Kevin regains consciousness, Teri is trying to flag down passing cars. He tells her to stop, and to let him go, as Kim will be killed if he doesn't deliver Teri to Gaines in half an hour. She threatens to wallop him with the rock again if he doesn't give her Kim's location, then tries the cell-phone again. Though Kevin continues to warn her against doing so, Teri keeps trying until she gets a clear signal. Calls to Jack's phone prove unavailing, so Teri calls CTU, where Jamey answers. She gives Jamey their location and Jamey promises to send a car. A short while later, two agents arrive on the scene and, as one is introducing himself to Teri, the other unties Kevin and helps him to his feet. Teri is once again taken hostage and bundled into the car. Jamey has betrayed her.

Back at the compound, Kim has convinced Rick that escape is the only chance either of them have for survival. She and Rick are about to dig under a weak spot in the fence when a car arrives. When Kim realizes the struggling woman is her mother, her plans to escape evaporate.

Kevin shoots to kill Episode Title: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM 

Production #: 1AFF10 Broadcast #: 1.11

Writer: Robert Cochran

Director: Davis Guggenheim

Original airdate: 12 Feb 02

Synopsis: Thanks to a partially erased e-mail rescued from Jamey's files, Jack now has a lead -- one Ted Cofell. Tracking Cofell to his office, Jack is stonewalled by the businessman's secretary; seems Cofell is leaving town on business. Jack races for the basement and waylays Cofell's chauffeur before taking his place. As Cofell settles into his limo for the ride to the airport, his phone rings -- Kevin needs to meet him right away, setting up a rendezvous in a parking garage. Cofell informs his driver of the change of plans, but "Mark" doesn't respond.

After a while devoted to playing with Cofell's mind, Jack has learned that Cofell was to meet a fellow businessman named Kevin Carroll. The parking garage was Kevin's idea, as was the meeting itself; Cofell claims to be clueless. Jack calls Nina and asks her to run a search for businessmen named Kevin Carroll. Jack torments Cofell a while longer and calls Nina, who has unearthed six Kevin Carrolls, one of whom does sell machinery. Jack is sure Carroll is an alias and the machinery business a cover. He decides to take Cofell to his meeting with Kevin.

At the parking garage, Jack tries to turn up the heat on Cofell. After being roughed up by Jack, the increasingly agitated Cofell slips into a foreign language and accent -- one Jack recognizes from time spent in Kosovo -- and tries to knife Jack. Jack breaks his arm in the process of relieving him of the knife, and the raving Cofell works himself into a fatal heart attack. With Cofell dead, Jack figures Carroll is his only lead, so he props the corpse up in the back seat and moves up front once more.  He doesn't have long to wait, as another car soon pulls into the garage. The occupant, Kevin Carroll (alias Alan York) climbs out and enters the limo, apologising to the dearly departed for being late.

Kevin is taken by surprise when the doors lock and the driver greets him by his alias, Alan. Jack turns around and asks him where his wife is. Kevin, a grim look on his face, pulls his gun and pumps multiple rounds into the bullet-proof divider. Jack decides an impromptu roller-coaster ride is in order and spends the next few seconds flinging Kevin around the limo interior like a rag doll before standing on the brakes, which flings the un-seatbelted Carroll face-first into the divider. When Kevin, now a bloody mess,  regains consciousness, Jack has trussed him up and propped him up in the seat in order to question him. Kevin stalls and sidesteps, receiving a few more blows to the head for his trouble before finally caving and agreeing to a deal of sorts -- he'll direct Jack to the place Kim and Teri are being held in exchange for his freedom.

Kevin's the worse for wear Episode Title: 11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon 

Production #: 1AFF11 Broadcast #: 1.12

Writer: Howard Gordon

Director: Stephen Hopkins

Original airdate: 19 Feb 02

Synopsis: Kevin Carroll, now trussed up and ensconced in the back seat of his own car, gives Jack Bauer directions to the conspirators' compound. Nina phones Jack to update him and receives an update herself -- Kevin is giving Jack directions to Teri and Kim's location, and Nina is to use the GPS function of the PDA computer she gave him to provide him with satellite imagery of the compound. Meanwhile, Ira Gaines has run afoul of boss Andre Drazen and has been ordered to pull the plug on his operation. He sends thug Eli to dispatch Teri and Kim, not realizing Rick has been secretly aiding them and has provided them with a gun. When Eli goes for Kim first, Teri grabs the hidden gun and shoots Eli, pumping a second bullet into him for good measure; the conspirators are, after all, expecting two shots.

True to his word, Kevin directs Jack to the compound. When Jack pulls him from the car and shoves him around a bit, Kevin is convinced Jack intends to kill him. Not so -- Jack wants to clean him up a bit before putting him back in the driver's seat for the ride through the guarded gate. Jack, having ignored Nina's warnings about going into the compound alone, ignores Kevin's as well, telling him to be sure to avoid Gaines at all costs, as Kevin figures Gaines is liable to kill them both.  Jack hides under a blanket and aims his gun at Kevin through the seat. Despite his bruised and cut face, Kevin manages to bluster his way past gate guard Neill and drives to a secluded part of the property.

When Jack asks Kevin for details on the layout of the site and number of men, Kevin tries to stall and dodge the questions, hoping to goad Jack into rash behavior by taunting him with details revealed to "Alan" by Teri. Jack smacks him in the head with his pistol and presents his PDA, ordering Kevin to identify the building holding Teri and Kim. Kevin points out the appropriate building and then tries to attack Jack, which earns him a sound pistol-whipping from the enraged agent, knocking him out cold. Jack grabs his PDA and gets ready to find his family.

Jack, Teri, and Kim have a suitably suspenseful and tearful reunion, which is disrupted by Rick's appearance. He has been sent by Gaines to check on the missing Eli. Jack is ready to plug him until Teri and Kim vouch for him. Rick then promises to aid their escape by bringing them a van.  Meanwhile, Gaines henchman Neill finds Kevin's car and, when he opens the driver's door, finds Kevin propped up with a seatbelt wrapped around his head and neck. Across the compound, Rick is about to grab one of the vans when Gaines catches him in the act, grilling him further about Eli. Gaines is distracted by Neill's walkie-talkie announcement that he has found the unconscious Kevin, and orders Rick to drive him to Kevin's car.

Gaines and Neill drag the unconscious Kevin from the car and wake him up by splashing water on his face. Kevin tells them Bauer is on the property, which is punctuated by the screech of tires as Rick takes off in the van. Rick picks up the Bauers as Gaines calls for a lock-down of the compound. Rick tells them that Kevin has been found and has told Gaines everything, so Jack takes the wheel and speeds away in search of a handy gate or stretch of fence. Seconds later, Gaines, Kevin, and Neill arrive in a jeep and rush into the now-abandoned building, where they find Eli. Rapidly catching up with the van, Gaines manages to divert it long enough for a hail of bullets to take out a tire. Using the van for cover, Jack gives Teri and Kim his PDA before sending them off along a dry stream-bed. Hoping to incapacitate Gaines' and Kevin's thugs by shooting out the van's gas tank, Jack turns his pistol on the crippled vehicle. The ensuing explosion takes out most of Gaines' team, though he and Kevin are unharmed, and Jack and Rick take off towards their rendezvous with Kim and Teri.

Kevin and Gaines Episode Title: 12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM 

Production #: 1AFF12 Broadcast #: 1.13

Writer: Andrea Newman

Director: Stephen Hopkins

Original airdate: 26 Feb 02

Synopsis: Ira Gaines and Kevin Carroll climb to their feet as the explosion subsides and Gaines sends Neill and the few surviving thugs off in pursuit of the Bauer party. He then rifle-butts Kevin in the stomach for allowing Jack to get onto the property unnoticed, refusing to listen to a word Kevin has to say. They then take off in pursuit of Jack and Rick. Teri and Kim, meanwhile, are forced to divert from Jack's route to evade their pursuers, while Jack and the wounded Rick make good time to the water tower rendezvous point. However, Kim and Teri aren't there, so Jack gives Rick strict instructions to stay put before going back to look for them.

Gaines and Kevin come to a halt while Gaines take a call from Drazen. He is provisionally back in Drazen's good graces, provided he can produce Jack's corpse. Kevin, overhearing part of the conversation, asks Gaines to fill him in. Drazen, he's told, has given them an ultimatum -- kill Jack, or be killed themselves.  Kevin suggests that, given the fact that he overheard Jack calling in coordinates to the CTU, it might be best for them to call it a day and abandon the compound. Gaines refuses on the grounds that there is no escaping Drazen -- if they fail to kill Bauer, Drazen will eventually find and kill them.

Teri and Kim, meanwhile, have had to take a path considerably different from the one Jack laid out for them. Using the PDA as a map, they have made their way to an abandoned building to rest and regroup. Unfortunately, Neill is on their trail and decides to check the building. They manage to evade him once, but he circles back around and spots their hiding place. Jack arrives in the nick of time and dispatches Neill. A second happy reunion commences. Not long afterwards, Neill's walkie-talkie sputters to life -- Gaines has heard shooting and is trying to get a location. Jack grabs the radio and uses it to elude their pursuers. When Neill doesn't check in, Gaines and Kevin head for his last location and find his body in the old building. Kevin searches him and realizes his radio is missing -- Jack has been listening to them.

Jack gets his family within sight of the water tower. Gaines and Kevin, meanwhile, have decided to stake out the adjacent reservoir. Kim, eager to check on Rick, gives Jack attitude and almost gets herself shot by Gaines. Jack tells them to hide and heads off to lead Gaines away from his family. Gaines is happy to play along -- he and Kevin trade shots with Jack for a while before he tires of the game and sends Kevin off to circle around behind Jack. Gaines taunts Jack over the walkie-talkie as Kevin works his way through the brambles, stopping to fire off a shot periodically before disappearing. Jack tricks Gaines into exposing his position and wings him, which leads to another session of cat and mouse as Gaines tries to lure Jack into range by leaving a bloody trail behind. Jack circles around and gets the drop on him, offering him his life in exchange for his help. Gaines, knowing he's already as good as dead, tells Jack "good luck" and turns, gun raised. Jack shoots and kills him.

Jack finds Kim and Teri safely ensconced in the water tower. Rick, however, has flown the coop. Before Kim can work up a good head of steam over the missing Rick, the chopper from CTU arrives. The Bauers are met by CTU operatives in battle gear and loaded onto the chopper for their flight to safety.

Kevin smells a rat Episode Title: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM 

Production #: 1AFF13 Broadcast #: 1.14

Writer: Joel Surnow & Michael Loceff

Director: Jon Cassar

Original airdate: 05 Mar 02

Synopsis: As the Bauers are being flown into CTU for debriefing, Nina Myers and Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) continue digging into the conspiracy against Senator Palmer. They unearth a money trail leading into and out of Belgrade, and with it what appears to be a second team of assassins dispatched to the USA within the last few days. The threat against Palmer is still very real.

Meanwhile, Andre Drazen's (Zeljko Ivanek) "Plan B" is up and running, with a new hit man, Alexis (Misha Collins) on the ground in Los Angeles. That hit man, armed with a PDA and a pair of binoculars, has taken up residence on a sand-heap in order to spy on passing vehicles. He doesn't have long to wait, as a car and one of Gaines' red vans pulls up in front of a prefabricated building out in the middle of what appears to be a deserted quarry or construction site. Kevin Carroll gets out of the lead car and orders his few remaining men to offload their equipment into the building while he makes a call to Drazen. On the sand dune, Alexis brings up a photo of Kevin on his PDA to ID the apparent leader. Drazen answers and Kevin, in true mercenary style, points out that he had warned Gaines of the flaws in his plan and then offers his own services as skilled assassin. Drazen turns him down, telling him a backup plan is already in motion, after which he hangs up.

Kevin, smelling a rat, starts looking around to see if he can see anything amiss. He spots Alexis partially hidden behind a nearby dune and reaches for his handgun. Alexis is faster, pulling a detonator which triggers a massive explosion in the building. Kevin is caught by the blast and thrown to the ground, rolling to a stop on his back. Alexis calmly rises and walks towards Kevin, pulling his gun. Kevin, still stunned from the blast, tries to grab his own gun. Alexis gets there first, stepping on his hand before kicking the gun away. He extends his arm, aiming point blank at Kevin, and asks him if anything was left in the van. "Go to hell," Kevin snarls, as the camera draws back to a long view of Alexis firing and Kevin's body jumping before going limp.

(Thanks to Becky for the "Twenty Four" screen-grabs)
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