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Not your typical star...

RB photo by Bert Hayling -- Burbank, CA April 2009Cap WELCOME to the website of the Official Richard Burgi Fan Club! For ease of navigation, our site is color-keyed to areas of interest, which can be accessed quickly from the link block at the top left of each page.

The man at left with the warm and infectious smile is Richard Burgi. Born and raised in and around Montclair, New Jersey, Richard now makes his home in Southern California. He's a talented and compelling actor with an extensive and varied filmography in television and film.

 Richard has been working steadily in television and film since the latter half of the 1980's, when he landed his first full-time role on NBC's Another World, playing Chad Rollo. Since then he has gone on to guest on and star in a variety of television dramas -- CHUCK, Breakout Kings, Nip/Tuck, Reaper, 24, Desperate Housewives, Point Pleasant, Las Vegas, CSI, The District, Judging Amy, The Sentinel, and One West Waikiki being some of the more prominent -- and sitcoms, such as Hot in Cleveland, Just Shoot Me, Action, Seinfeld, Who's The Boss, Love & War, and Anything But Love. Movie roles include both film and television -- "Super Eruption," "Committed," "Friday the 13th," "Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage," "Hostel: Part II," "In God's Country," "Fun with Dick and Jane," "In Her Shoes," "Cellular," "Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation," "Decoys," "Torn Apart," "Darklight," "Wheelmen," and "I Married a Monster."

Richard brought in 2010 as he saw out 2009 -- with a guest spot and a personal appearance. He attended the Eleventh Annual Canon Customer Appreciation Reception and benefit for the NCMEC on January 8th, and was at work on FOX's "Lie To Me" by the end of January, playing Governor Charles Brooks in "Bullet Bump," which aired July 26th. 

Though 2009 got off to a slow start from the standpoint of new work, Richard's return to "Desperate Housewives" led to a total of six Season Five episodes capped by a season finale romance-in-the-making with Bree Van de Kamp Hodge (Marcia Cross). (The season DVD set was released in early September). This fire-and-ice relationship was explored across ten episodes in the current Season Six, which went into production in mid-July and is now airing on ABC. (Unfortunately, the ill-starred romance was doomed and Karl, declared a long-time "fan favorite" by series Creator Marc Cherry, met his demise in the conclusion of the midseason cliff-hanger, "If...") 

Early 2009 was not without new and exciting appearances, as several 2008 projects did not premiere until this year. "Knight to King's Pawn," the twelfth episode of NBC's reborn "Knight Rider" series, premiered in January, with Richard playing "bad-ass NSA commander" Jack Hurst. The episode was filmed in October 2008 with much of Richard's work shooting in Hawaii. (The short-lived series is now available on DVD).

The Platinum Dunes rebirth of "Friday the 13th" premiered in theaters on Friday, February 13th and promptly shot to the top of that week's Box Office rankings. Richard plays Officer Bracke, the typically ill-fated Lawman of Crystal Lake. The film was shot in late Spring 2008 in and around Austin, TX and is now available on "Extended Killer Cut" DVD with extra Burgi scenes. 

February 24th found Richard playing Dr. Logan Taper in "Nip/Tuck's" "Allegra Caldarello," which featured a side of Richard never before seen on television. (The role -- a plastic surgeon with "an extreme sexual compulsion" and a rather obscure paraphilia -- involved rear nudity). The episode was shot in early summer '08 as part of a 22-episode fifth season and is now available on DVD.

His limited-run series, "Harper's Island," premiered on April 9th and ran until July 11th as a 13-week CBS "Mystery Event." The series was filmed in Vancouver, BC, in Fall '08. Richard plays Thomas Wellington, father of bride-to-be Trish (Katie Cassidy), whose destination wedding turns into a murder mystery. Richard was apparently the only castmember who knew when his character would meet his demise, as he was signed to a five-episode contract. (The "DVD Edition" is now available for purchase).

Richard was a celebrity attendee at the Pink Carpet benefit for the United Breast Cancer Foundation, which took place on October 25th at the Mothership Salon, 6111 W 5th St. in Los Angeles. Sponsored by The Hair & Makeup Artist Network, the Pink Carpet event also featured a cocktail party and raffle/silent auction.

Late November found Richard finishing his 2009 run on "Desperate Housewives" with the midseason cliffhanger episodes "Boom Crunch" and "If...," which aired in early January 2010.

The first week of December proved to be quite busy, with Richard attending the 6th Annual Artivist Film Festival and Awards as a presenter on the 5th and then heading off to New York City the following week to film a guest role on NBC's hit series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (he plays Richard Morgan in "Confidential," which aired in early March 2010).

2010 came in much as 2009 went out, with Richard attending the January 8th Eleventh Annual Canon USA Customer Appreciation Reception and NCMEC Celebrity Golf Tournament in Las Vegas, NV. By the end of the month he had landed a guest spot on FOX's "Lie To Me," playing Governor Charles Brooks in the episode "Bullet Bump," which is expected to air in July.

April brought a flurry of new projects including a role on CBS's hit series "NCIS," playing Randall Hammond in "Patriot Down" (first part of the two-part season finale, which aired on Tuesday, May 18th) and a new movie for SyFy titled "Super Eruption," which brings Richard together with Juliet Aubrey ("Primeval") as a firefighter and vulcanologist who join forces ain an effort to save lives when Yellowstone's sleeping supervolcano comes to catastrophic life. Filming in May in Bulgaria, "Super Eruption" is intended for SyFy's Saturday primetime movie roster.  Richard took advantage of the short scheduling gap between roles by joining other celebrities for the 2010 Cabo Celebrity Golf Classic in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The three-day event benefits the Casa Hogar orphanage.

Late 2010 found Richard heading to the Toronto area for two almost back-to-back TV projects, playing Dr. Desmond Moore in "Committed" for the Lifetime Movie Network (which premiered in April 2011) and Andre Brennan in "Breakout Kings" for A&E (he appears in "One For The Money," which premiered May 1st 2011).

Thus far, 2011's work has consisted of guest roles on TV shows -- TV Land's "Hot In Cleveland," in which Richard plays Wendie Malick's blind date, Timothy, and NBC's "CHUCK," in which he plays a ruthless and efficient CIA "eraser" named Clyde Decker (the episode, which is the season finale for Season 4, is called "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger" and airs May 16th).

Additional information on Richard's current projects and appearances can be found on our news page.

He's a warm and personable man with a wicked and engaging sense of humor and a refreshing outlook on life -- as a devoted family man, an enthusiastic surfer and outdoorsman, and an advocate of environmental protection and preservation. Not surprisingly, these are all factors in the genesis of the Official Richard Burgi Fan Club -- the RBFC.

The RBFC was formed to support the career of Richard Burgi; this website serves a similar purpose. It is intended to provide long-time admirers with frequently updated information on Richard's projects and appearances while introducing him to newcomers in a comprehensive, interesting and informative manner.

One thing the RBFC intends not to do is take itself too seriously; at his first official meeting with the Club founders, Richard smiled and said "I'm flattered, but I find this fan club idea sort of bizarre." Quite.

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is not your typical star...

...and this is not your typical fan club.

So come in and look around. If you're a return visitor, welcome back! The handy block of site links at the upper left of each page will guide you from section to section. Be sure to check the news page for the latest updates on Richard's appearances and projects. If this is your first visit, thank you for your interest in Richard Burgi, his career,and his fan club! To find out more about Richard Burgi and the RBFC, take a look at our Table of Contents and follow the links. Questions or comments about the RBFC should be sent to the RBFC administrator. Questions or comments on the RBFC Website will be fielded by our site administrator.

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